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By Kate Campbell, PAWS Educator

Brielle is a 12-year-old Leader of the Pack.

As a student at Pine Lake Middle School, Brielle needed to complete a fundraising project. She could support any organization in her community, and Brielle chose PAWS!


Brielle's organic cookies that she baked, marketed, sold and delivered to raise money for her PAWS fundraising project.

We're so impressed with Brielle's work. Not only did Brielle bake organic dog cookies, but she marketed, sold, and delivered them too! We especially like the packaging that Brielle designed and created. Who knew you could tag @paws_wa on paper?

Brielle's fundraiser brought in $100 for PAWS. That money bought 7 fillable toys and a great big jar of peanut butter. After all, the dogs staying at PAWS need treats too!

The customer feedback is in, and all the dogs loved their treats. Thank you, Brielle!

Inspired by our work? Consider making a donation today to help us continue providing vital care to companion animals and wild animals in need.


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