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By Julia Smiljanic, PAWS Marketing & Communications Intern

Life is full of endless cuddles at my furever home. What more could a pup ask for? But things weren’t always so great for me. I was born at a large-scale illegal puppy mill in Eastern Washington. Growing up this way, I thought I would always be alone and living my life in a cage.

Samson-flowersSpring is one of my favorite times of year.  Mom doesn't love it when I mess with her flowers but what's a pup to do?


I was three years old when suddenly one day things changed. There was a huge raid on the puppy mill and I was taken away to Pasado’s Safe Haven with all the other dogs and puppies - 255 of us in total. From there we were distributed to the many local shelters who stepped up to help out.

I came to PAWS along with 21 other dogs. While I was scared to be away from the only place I knew, the people at PAWS were so paw-some and gentle - tenderly scooping me up, showing me love, and helping me with my medical needs. Because my teeth were in bad shape, I had dental surgery to repair and remove damage.

My new PAWS fur-iends told me they would find me a loving home, and soon they did! My family and I fell in love with each other fast, and if you ask me we're a perfect match. Since we came into each other's lives they have helped me to learn how to be a dog and enjoy life. Some of my favorite things are snuggles in my humans' arms and lounging out on the back deck. Though I can't much be enticed by treats, my favorite food is chicken, which my mom cooks and dices up for me. I've learned how to bark, but I seldom do as I don't see the point. I'm still learning what all the fuss is about this "socializing" thing. 

How I became famous

Mom was reading through her phone one day, when suddenly she got really excited. “Samson, do you want to be famous?” she asked. I perked my ears up but was still a bit skeptical. I needed to know the details first because I wasn’t about to do anything embarrassing. I have a reputation to maintain after all.  That's when she told me that PAWS was looking for their next PAWSwalk Spokespup. I knew this contest was for me.


The competition was fierce; lots of former PAWS dogs like me wanted this awesome gig. Mom told me my story would inspire people. She also reassured me that she loved me whether I won or not. With excitement and anticipation, we entered the race for fame.

PAWS narrowed the contestants down to three worthy dogs: Itsy Bitsy (a 3.5 pound Chihuahua), Jemma (a larger pup), and little ol' me. When the final day of voting came, I could barely contain my nerves.

Luckily, the phone rang not long after. I was just settling down for my long afternoon nap when a ruckus broke out. Squealing with excitement, Mom picked me up and twirled around until my big ears turned inside out. "We won!" she sang out. "Samson, you're the new PAWSwalk Spokespup!"

Recently, I attended my first official PAWSwalk Spokespup event at Redhook Brewery on Capital Hill. I was happy but also nervous. After all, I didn't want to disappoint the nice people who had voted for me. The event was pup-tacular! I got to bask in the sun as my many fans showered me with attention. And the best part? The event was a fundraiser to help more dogs in need just like I used to be. 

I’m still overwhelmed but slowly getting used to my new found fame. I mean how many pups are lucky enough to have the chance to inspire animal lovers to raise funds to help dogs, cats and wild animals at PAWS?  It sure is a good thing that mom’s last foster dog taught me how to bark. Why you ask? So I can bark it out loud that PAWSwalk is coming and make sure everyone registers right away to begin fundraising for our annual 5k on September 7. 

Register for PAWSwalk today and start fundraising at PAWSwalk.net

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