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By Katie Amrhein, PAWS Education Coordinator

The birds are out, the sun is out, and the cats are out (in their catios), which means it’s almost time for PAWS to host the fourth annual Catio Tour Seattle on Saturday, July 28th from noon to 4pm. For one day only, attendees will have VIP access to some of the most creative, luxurious, and posh feline pads on this self-guided tour that runs from West Seattle to NW Seattle.

Catios are enclosed cat patios that allow cats to enjoy the sunshine, watch birds, and feel the breeze. Catios also keep cats safe from the many dangers of the outdoors, including cars, people, dangerous chemicals or poison, and diseases.

Piku and Rivi's Windowside Wilderness

Catios can range from simple to sophisticated, whether built by a catio construction company, such as Catio Spaces, or done as a DIY project. On this year’s Catio Tour, Instagram star @Piku_the_siberian will be generously showing off her catio in Queen Anne. Her catio, named Piku and Rivi’s Windowside Wilderness (above), sets the mood for all seasons with party lights wrapped around the interior and removable weatherproof vinyl sheathing.

Chateau Gato_Thor cat

Visitors will also have the chance to visit Thor, a charismatic cat whose throne includes a Magnolia tree enclosed in a striking octagon catio called Chateau Gato in West Seattle (above). A tunnel connecting the catio to the house is held up in the middle by a Madrona tree trunk salvaged from a neighbor’s yard.

General Catio Tour photo

A peppy senior on PAWS’ Fourth Annual Catio Tour Seattle-18-year-old Smidgen- serves as a testament to the health benefits of a catio. Cats with catios are much less likely to get lost and they live longer than outdoor cats. The multitude of dangers faced by an outdoor cat can significantly shorten their lifespan, while an indoor cat or a cat with access to a catio could easily live to be 10 or 15. Free-roaming domestic cats also kill large numbers of birds in the United States every year and take heavy tolls on native reptile, amphibian, and mammal populations.

General Catio Tour photo2

For more information or to register for Catio Tour Seattle, visit www.catiotourseattle.com. A $10 registration fee supports PAWS’ life-saving work to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife, find cats and dogs their forever homes, and educate people about compassion for animals.

Registered participants will receive a Catio Tour Guide Book with addresses, information about each catio, and access to valuable resources for enriching the lives of cat companions. The event is hosted by PAWS and sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, Catio Spaces, and Seattle Audubon.

Unable to attend this year’s Catio Tour Seattle? We are holding a friendly competition to name the catio displayed on the PAWS campus and the ceramic kitties residing inside. If your names are selected by PAW staff, you'll receive a cat goodie basket. Please answer some survey questions and submit your name suggestions here!


I miss this Catio Tour!

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