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By Anya Pamplona, Animal Services Manager 

Every October for National Adopt-a-Dog Month, the shelter staff at PAWS puts special emphasis on hidden gems, - those dogs who need some extra help getting noticed. Maybe they’re shy. Maybe they’re a senior. Maybe they need a more experienced adopter. October is their month to shine with reduced adoption fees, profiles on the PAWS.org website, and the subject of twice-weekly social media posts. Four hidden gems were discovered and adopted at PAWS during National Adopt-a-Dog Month. They are all shining strong in their loving new homes. 

Funny thing is these hidden gems also happen to be staff favorites. Why? Well because they are hidden gems, they often don't get noticed and adopted right away so we get to know them better. And because we're animal experts, we can see the awesomeness underneath the exterior of a scared dog. Or the wise beauty of a gray-muzzled senior. We take them under our wing and keep them safe and feeling loved at PAWS. 

Sweet and slight 10-year-old Ralphy was just what his new mom was looking for – "I'm a senior with a bad shoulder so I wanted a small senior dog that I could walk and bathe."


Cocoa Puff
Ten-year-old Cocoa Puff, renamed Macy, "just needed a lot of love" said her new mom. 

No matter what, PAWS is committed to finding our hidden gems loving homes all year 'round. Here are the top four reasons to adopt a hidden gem:  

  • Senior dogs provide companionship without the hassle of crazy puppy or teenage antics. Housebreaking? Mastered. Chewing your favorite shoes? Never! Couch potato Sunday rooting the Seahawks to another win? Sounds perfect to them.
  • Have you ever been misunderstood? Probably. And some of the dogs who need an experienced adopter are misunderstood too. Which is why they are searching for someone who “speaks dog” and will understand what they need. By putting your knowledge and experience to good use, you’re helping show them that people will listen to them and provide them with what they need. And who doesn’t love that? 
  • There is no better feeling than watching your shy, reserved dog slowly start to trust and build their confidence.And knowing that you are the reason they are making progress, makes every pet parent's heart burst with pride. These dogs just need love, patience and a person who believes in them.
  • Unconditional love. All adopted dogs, hidden gems or not, know that you’ve given them a second chance. And they seem to love you all the more for giving them home they deserve.


Donut on her way home with a family who recognized her special qualities.  








Any help you can provide to rehome Cheeto, I would appreciate.

I would like to adopt a female jack russel

Every dog deserves a home. great work PAWS

Hello everyone im very desperate my dog jack was takin by animal control. No one wants to give info on when i can get him back. I dont know what to do or who to call. They just tell me to wait..im disabled he my service dog he nip someone

Im looking to adopt a dog for medical reasons

They are cute and lovely dogs they deserve a Home! Thanks for posting!

If they're still available, I'll adopt one. Pink me if any.


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