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The circus is no fun for the animals!  That’s why PAWS and the Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies are encouraging you to skip going to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Ringling Bros. is scheduled to perform in Kent, Tacoma and Everett in late August and early September.

Circus-ElephantThe use of animals as circus performers is an outdated—and inhumane—concept. Behind the scenes trainers often use whips, bullhooks, electric prods and other painful tools and methods to force animals to perform tricks. When not performing, animals are kept in small, cramped cages for days at a time with little monitoring.

Exotic animals that have special husbandry needs are often kept in violation. Elephants that travel with circuses spend hours in transit and in chains. Circuses train animals through such coercive means as beating, whipping, prodding and shocking. Elephants are subject to abusive handling methods from devices known as bullhooks that can puncture and tear sensitive skin.

Ringling’s use of bullhooks, prods, and shackles are in violation of Federal Law. Shockingly, laws and regulations offer circus animals minimal protection, and they are rarely enforced. In March 2012 Ringling Brothers settled a USDA action that resulted in a fine of $270,000 for mishandling animals. This is the largest civil imposed penalty ever issued to a circus by USDA.

Circuses with performing animals send the wrong message especially to children, since wild animals are living beings and are not meant to be exploited for entertainment purposes. Animals do not naturally ride bicycles, walk on their hind legs, balance on balls, or jump through flaming hoops.

There are many wonderful circuses that do not use and/or abuse animals, such as Cirque du Soleil, and they are just as exciting and entertaining, if not more so, than those that do. The public is strongly urged to seek entertainment venues that don’t use animal performers and to support the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act!



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I never liked circuses, even when I was a kid. What's so funny about watching the animals being tortured? I'll never ever get my kids to the circus or zoo

When I was young, I really wanted to go to circus and witnessed how animals do magic cleverly. Now that I have finished reading your article, I regretted because magicians and trainers hit and hurted them during their trainings.

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