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Short-tailed Weasel You may recall the orphaned baby Short-tailed Weasels that were featured in a May 11 post here on the PAWS Blog.  Although we were sad to lose one of the babies due to what we believe were congenital problems, I'm happy to say that three of the four babies thrived in our care and have been successfully returned to the wild.

I attempted to photograph one of the weasels prior to his departure to show how much he had grown since May 11. If you've ever seen the way weasels move, you will know this was easier said than done! You can see the photos I did get to the right, and they show the sleek subadult animal this weasel had become prior to release.


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Kevin, thanks so much for the follow-up. Thanks for your photography efforts!

♥ Wonderful news, PAWS. Thank you for all you do.

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