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With a knick knack, pattywhack – Give PAWS dogs a bone (and cats, too)! This week, we are hosting a toy drive for the animals! This is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way for you and your friends to make a difference for the dogs and cats in our care. Just donate a toy from our Amazon Wish List, and it will be sent straight to us!

CatToyDrive We’ve featured a new kind of toy called a “work-to-eat” toy. These toys are fun and challenging to use; the animals have to “work” by playing with the toy in order to release the yummy treats stored inside. View a video of Mr. Chin playing with one! These interactive toys help alleviate boredom and keep the animals in our care happy and healthy while they wait for their forever homes.

From June 17th to June 24th we aim to have 50 dog toys and 50 cat toys donated through our drive, so share this post with your friends and family! You can track our progress with our “Toy Thermometers” below and by keeping updated on Facebook. And please stop by either of our locations to see your gift in action!

DogToyDrive2 Donating a toy to PAWS is easy! If you’re familiar with Amazon, just go to PAWS’ Amazon Wish List and get shopping! Remember to click PAWS LYNNWOOD HEADQUARTERS for the shipping address (This insures that the toys get shipped to PAWS, and not to you).

If you would like to be acknowledged for your gift, please enter your information in the Gift Note box.

If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon, just follow this handy guide:

  • Go to PAWS’ Amazon Wish List.
  • Click on the toy you wish to donate.
  • Choose the quantity you want to donate and click ADD TO CART.
  • Once all the items you want to donate are in your cart, click PROCEED TO CHECK OUT.
  • Sign in with your Amazon log-in, or follow Amazon’s instructions to proceed without signing in.
  • Once signed in (or past the log-in page), PAWS is listed on the right-hand column.
  • Click SEND TO THIS ADDRESS button above the text that says PAWS LYNNWOOD HEADQUARTERS (This insures that the toys get shipped to PAWS, and not to you).
  • Choose shipping options.
  • Enter payment information, click CONTINUE.
  • Review shipping and billing information, then click PLACE YOUR ORDER.
  • Share this with your friends and encourage them to donate a toy as well!




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I also care for the animals in the humane shelter. They too deserve stimulating objects like toys.

Could use some inspiring toys for the home also.

we should take good care of our animals, i love animals especially dogs, they remove my stress, and i love playing with them.

Very good to see you met your target so many people think it is OK cats and dogs just to lay about borred. Animuls need their minds stimulating and need to have fun the same as we do.

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