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03- Black Bear 111089 intake and transfusion 060911 KM (32) small On June 9, PAWS received a yearling Black Bear cub that was found at Cayuse pass near Mt. Rainier. Weighing only 20 pounds, the cub was severely underweight. He was also infested with ticks and highly anemic. The cub’s red blood cell count was so low that the wildlife center’s veterinary staff decided to perform a blood transfusion to aid him in his recovery. The donor for the transfusion was a healthy, 190-lb yearling that had been in PAWS care since spring of 2010. At his release a week later, that cub had no way of knowing the lifesaving role he had played in a fellow bear’s life.  A story about the anemic cub and the transfusion procedure can be viewed on the KOMO News website.

I am happy to report that the cub has been doing quite well since the transfusion. He is now strong, alert and active. Yesterday we placed a pile of fresh salmonberry branches in his enclosure and he thoroughly enjoyed rolling on them and eating the berries. I attempted to film the cub as he enjoyed the salmonberries but, as you can see in the short video below, he was a bit camera shy.


To read more about PAWS bears, visit our PAWS News Page.


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Beautiful cub, Kevin. I believe that the donor friend knew he was helping. I would like to see his picture along the story. Wait, is this the bear cub rescued from a roof in December 2010?.

I was at the hospital in Enumclaw that he came to before he went to you guys. I was so afraid he wasn't even going to make it through the night, but I'm so glad he's doing better. He was so weak, and it broke my heart to think that he was going to die all alone like that. It's so great to see him up and moving. Thank you guys, for taking care of this sweetheart!

Poor bear!!!!! Is it OK after this?

Yes. The bear recovered well and was released.

Great that everything ends good and the bear got the necessary help in time

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