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One Barred Owl On May 3, a nestling Barred Owl was left in a box on the doorstep of a Whidbey Island veterinary clinic.  The bird appeared to be healthy, but having no information on his point of origin, the veterinary clinic staff had no way to know where his nest tree might be.  Unable to reunite the owl with his parents, the clinic transferred him to PAWS Wildlife Center for care.  The Barred Owl spent his first week at PAWS with only his own reflection to keep him company, but that was soon to change.

On May 9, a homeowner in Everett, WA heard a commotion in his yard.  He investigated to find a flock of crows dive-bombing a young Barred Owl that was on the ground.  The man scooped up the owl and placed him in a box.  After searching the area for any sign of a nest or parent birds and finding none, the man brought the owl to PAWS.

Two Barred Owls After ensuring that both young owls were disease, parasite and injury free, PAWS staff introduced the two to one another.  They will spend the remainder of their time in care at the wildlife center keeping each other company as they grow to adulthood.  We house young animals with others of the same species whenever possible as it helps to both decrease both their stress level and the chances that they will imprint on or habituate to their human caregivers.  Although it is unfortunate that these two young owls were separated from their parents, they will be very fortunate to have one another in the coming weeks as they progress through the PAWS Wildlife Center.


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Wildly awesome pair and well done, PAWS.

It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like that very much.

Good for everyone involved in treating and releasing these beautiful owl.

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