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Miss Jennie Warmouth's second graders immediately fell in love with Eddie, the plucky three-legged dog who won them over with his sweetness and charm.  They love how Eddie doesn't let anything slow him down—even with three legs, he can keep up on the playground.  Just like the children, Eddie loves playtime, being active, and brand new toys!

The students created this adorable profile for Eddie to let prospective adopters know what a wonderful companion he would be.  Read what they have to say about this goofy guy, and then come to PAWS in Lynnwood to meet Eddie and see for yourself how fun and energetic he really is!


Eddie is a three-legged charmer!  This is what you should call him: cute, cute, cute! The cute goes on forever and beyond, and he can still run like the wind!


Eddie still has three legs and can run run run! This dog acts like every day is a gift. Every day is like his birthday! He’s a totally fun and active boy. His coat is ultra dark and his heart is brighter than the sun! His eyes sparkle like a shining star.


Are you a hiker? A runner? An active human? Then Eddie is the one for you!




Looking for ways to make your Valentine's Day a little sweeter?  Give some love not only to your special someone, but to a homeless or shelter animal as well!  If you're not sure how to get started, we've put together a short list of ways that you can be a sweetheart for animals in your community:


  1. Support your shelter. Shelters provide a variety of rewarding opportunities to help animals in your community.  Share the love by volunteering your time, fostering a sick or newborn animal, making a donation, and more!
  2. Live Humanely. Show your love for animals by considering their welfare in the every day choices you make.
  3. Spread the word.  Write a letter to the editor of a local paper, share posts from PAWS' blog to encourage others to speak up, or become a fan of PAWS on Facebook and spread the word about important animal issues.
  4. Spend some quality time. It's the day of love, so shower your pet with some!  Take your pup to the dog park and throw around the ball, or curl up with your cat to watch a movie.  Spreading the love starts at home! 

These are just a few ways to show animals some love this Valentine's Day, but there are many more ways that you can help animals every day. Visit paws.org to find out how! 

Thank you for being a champion for animals!


Like all things that come in small packages, Heath the Beagle has a big heart.  That's why the second graders in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary chose to write him an adoption profile!  They found that they had much in common with Heath—both the students and this friendly pup love playing with toys, hanging out with friends, and eating treats!  And just like the students, Heath is always on his best behavior.

The students hope that their profile for Heath will find him a forever home and family. If you're looking for love and companionship, look no further than Heath! 


Meet Heath the Beagle

Heath is a LOVEBUG! He is adorable, playful and loving. What else can you ask for? Cuteness?

Well, HE HAS THAT TOO! Heath is such a good dog. When you watch TV he will just snuggle up with you!

If you love Beagles then Heath is the one for you, and if you like dogs then you will think Heath is the best ever!

Here is a rare chance to read Heath’s mind:

“Now what shall we play…Hmmmm…I know! Let’s go outside!!! Oh! Oh! Let’s play fetch!

Woof! Woof!"


This week, Miss Jennie Warmouth's second grade class decided to write an adoption profile for not one special PAWS animal, but for two!  They chose bonded pair Belle and her friend Daphne, two kitty kindred spirits who would love to be adopted into a new home together. 

The students created this adorable profile for Belle and Daphne to encourage prospective adopters to take home these two best friends.  They even made a fun quiz, complete with an audio clip of the answers!  If you're looking for double the love, come meet Belle and Daphne at PAWS adoption partner Sunset Hill Vet in Ballard! 

Belle-DaphneDo you have TWO hands? Then perhaps you should have TWO cats to pet!

Belle and Daphne always want to be together! They love each other like sisters. True love should not be separated. These two best friends should be together always! These two are like MAGNETS! They just stick together!

Belle is a chatty catty, She loves attention. Then there is Daphne. Daphne is the quieter of the two. She is a sweet shy girl who follows her sister around! She is warm and loving, too!

Daphne is sweet as a Daffodil and Belle’s meow is musical like a bell! Both are nine years perfect.



Q1: Which kitty is the shy cat?

Q2: Which kitty looks like she has a white chest?

Q3: Which kitty loves to talk?

Q4: Which kitty loves attention?

Q5: Which kitty loves her sister?


Click below for the answers! Daphne and Belle by PAWS WA


When the second graders in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary saw this photo of our sweet but long-time resident Gwen, they were struck by two things:  her captivating eyes, and her playful personality!  They wrote this adorable adoption profile to help Gwen find a home where she can take long naps in the sun to her heart's content. If you're looking for someone to keep your lap warm and your heart full of love, look no further.  Come meet Gwen at PAWS in Lynnwood today!



I see the eyes of a cutie cat! 

Toys over here, feathers over there. Gwen is playing everywhere!

This little girl is SO playful she even imagines that the BROOM is a gigantic back scratcher!

Little Gwen sees the fun in every moment. Gwen is an ENTERTAINER!She will light up your life with her sweet imagination.

Gwen is the most warmhearted and playful cat ever!





The kids in Miss Jennie Warmouth's 2nd grade class at Spruce Elementary were charmed by the handsome Romeo and his gentle personality.  They wrote this adorable adoption profile to help Romeo find the perfect family to take him home!  Stop by PAWS in Lynwood to meet this handsome guy, he might just charm you too!

Meet Romeo

"Romeo is shy but a gentleman! He likes to have his belly scratched. He dreams of taking a walk with you on the beach. Romeo, Romeo. He is calm. He loves to sniff and run and walk. He looks so handsome, all the ladies say, "Romeo! Romeo! I adore you, Romeo!” This guy is even better than the Romeo in the movies: he’s WAY CUTER!"

The kids in Miss Jennie Warmouth's 2nd grade class at Spruce Elementary fell in love with lovely Belinda's sweet (and vocal!) personality. They wrote this adorable adoption profile to help her find the home she deserves. Come to PAWS Cat City where you can fall in love with Belinda too!

Belinda2If you want a cat with a beautiful voice . . . then BELINDA IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

She will meow to say, “Pet me please!” and “I love you!”

She will meow to say, “You are my friend!” and, “You’re nice…especially when you rub my ears!”

She is cute and she is cuddly. This little diva loves, loves, loves attention and pets and ear rubs and belly rubs! Are you a good listener who likes to pet soft and warm kitties? Then you should come meet BELINDA today!

Miss Jennie Warmouth's 2nd grade class at Spruce Elementary was so taken by this puppy's cute face and personality, they wrote this adoption profile for him! Come by and visit "Super Freckles" at PAWS in Lynnwood to see why he's got this classroom buzzing.


He’s so fun! He loves to play and run, run, run!

Super Freckles is ready to start his super dog training…he is so excited to learn manners! This super pup needs food, water, ultra exercise, and LOVE! Super Freckles is seeking a SUPER HUMAN who is nice, playful, and knows how to train a dog! Freckles is ready for a FOREVER HOME.

Are you the SUPER HUMAN he’s been waiting for?

Every penny counts. The students of the Penny Harvest program make sure of that.
PAWS was recently honored by Adams Elementary, Cedar Valley Community School, McGilvra Elementary and John Muir Elementary with donations totaling $1,584. Wow!

Penny Harvest Kids Through the Penny Harvest program, children nationwide learn that they can make a difference in their community and the lives of others. After collecting a plethora of pennies in the fall, student representatives from each school form a leadership team called a Roundtable Group. These student leaders work hard to identify and research the issues of their communities and then award donations to deserving organizations who best serve their concerns.

I was invited to meet with many of these students during their selection process. Animal welfare is near and dear to many children. Not only do they want to help animals in need with direct care, they also want to educate others to prevent cruelty and abuse.

As Penny Harvest representatives, Marlowe and Elliot (4th grade student leaders) stated in their school’s newsletter, the reason why they selected PAWS was because:

"PAWS  is an organization that helps stray animals such as dogs, cats and wild animals as well.  They neuter and spay dogs and cats to lower the amount of stray animals so not as many get sick or injured.  They also help wild injured animals, baby starving neglected animals and much, much more.” 

PAWS volunteer Marc Warner and I , were thrilled to represent PAWS at their awards assemblies. The handmade checks we received were as big as their hearts. Thank you Penny Harvest students for caring about animals and making a difference in so many lives. You rock!

PAWS Campus Update: April 5, 2011


Despite the prolonged rainy, chilly period we have been experiencing lately, the behavior of wildlife here on the CAS/WL campus has been a constant reminder that spring has arrived. Birds and mammals all over our little patch of habi-tat have been preparing to welcome the next generation.
I have encountered at least two pairs of American Robins onsite that were collecting nesting materials. The male in the photos below had a mate nearby that was collecting dried grass. She flew off to an unknown location with the nest –building materials while the male continued to forage. Female robins do all the work when it comes to building the nest, but the male will be chipping in to help with feedings as soon as the hatchlings arrive.

02 American Robin, PAWS Campus 040211 KM01 American Robin 2, PAWS Campus 040211 KM

A pair of Northern Flickers are busy taking turns excavating a nest cavity in a snag behind the wildlife raptor cages. The images below show the male pausing to make sure the coast is clear before returning to his work.

03 Northern Flicker excavating nest cavity 033111 KM (4) 04 Northern Flicker, PAWS Campus 040211 KM















Another nest that is currently underway belongs to a group of Bushtits. I say “group” because in addition to the mated pair, Bushtit nests often include so called “helper birds.” The majority of these helpers are adult males that have failed to find a mate. They assist with nest building and feeding of the young. The Bushtit nest is coming together nicely not too far from the dog walking trail. The photo below is pretty bad, but you can see the outline of the pouch-like nest and a Bushtit near the right edge of the frame with nesting material in his beak. 05 Bushtit Nest in progress, PAWS Campus 040211 km





That’s a Bushtit right there. -----------














There are still a few birds in winter flocks flittering around campus, but you can tell they are switching into breeding mode. They seem a bit preoccupied and pay less attention to a person  standing nearby pointing a camera at them. The Black-capped Chickadee in the following photos is a good example. He moved through with a flock on Saturday.

15 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 KM 07 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (3) KM

The chickadee was very busy looking high and low for any food he could find. He also became agitated when other chickadees came too close, a sign that he’s starting to feel the breeding season shift toward territorial behavior.

08 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (4) KM












I stayed very still when the chickadee was foraging nearby, but it was clear that he knew I was watching him. Every so often he would pause to take a closer look at me.

09 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (5) KM


At one point, the chickadee perched in a very wren-like position on a vertical twig. It appears that he was looking at the camera in this shot, but he was actually inspecting the crooked twig in front of him.



11 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (7) KM


When I took the photo of him inspecting the twig, the chickadee turned to look at me (below left) and then reposi-tioned to a horizontal perch before taking an even closer look at me (below right).


12 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (8) KM13 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (9) KM

Apparently unconcerned by my presence, the chickadee resumed foraging (below left). I took a few more shots and left him to his work.


15 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 KM

14 Black-capped Chickadee, PAWS Campus 040211 (10) KM


As I walked past the wildlife center’s deer pen last week, I spotted a Dark-eyed Junco standing on the top of the fence. He didn’t see me at first (below left), but the sound of the camera shutter caught his attention (below right). After he looked at me, he disappeared into the deer pen.

17 Dark-eyed Junco, PAWS Campus 040211 (2) KM 16 Dark-eyed Junco, PAWS Campus 040211 KM

Ruby-crowned Kinglets are still abundant on campus, but that will change in the weeks to come. Many of them will migrate north into Canada for the summer, while some will simply fly out to the Cascades to breed at higher eleva-tions. None are known to nest in the Puget Sound lowlands. Still, many of them are starting to sing their mating songs in anticipation of the coming nesting season even while they continue feeding in winter flocks here on campus.

18 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, PAWS Campus 040211 (2) KM 19 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, PAWS Campus 040211 (3) KM


I usually only get one or two quick photos of a kinglet before the bird moves on but, much like the chickadee earlier in this update, The kinglet in the photos below seemed too preoccupied to pay much attention to me. It’s a hectic time of year for these little birds.

22 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, PAWS Campus 040211 (6) KM 23 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, PAWS Campus 040211 (7) KM




Last but not least, I encountered the squirrel in the photo below as I was walking next to the wildlife Ekker cage com-plex. You can’t tell very well in the photo, but she had an extremely large belly. I don’t think this was from eating the abundant hazelnuts on the property either. I think that by the time you read this, there will be a dray (squirrel nest) on campus with a newborn litter of squirrel kits.

25 Eastern Gray Squirrel, PAWS Campus 040211 KM