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Being familiar with the famous "Jack and Jill" Mother Goose nursery rhyme, the second grade students at Spruce Elementary wanted to make sure that these two adorable beagles of the same name had a happier ending to their story. So the students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class wrote Jack and Jill, a pair of seven-year-old beagles, a brand new adoption profile to help them find the perfect forever home.  We love kids helping animals!


Jack-and-Jill Jack and Jill want a home together! They are just like ROMEO and JULIET: they will never be apart!  These glamorous canines are like two peas in a pod! Jack and Jill are a family and should never be separated. Jack is generous and Jill is cute. How can you resist? 

Each is special, and when they are together they are best friends forever! These two rare gems want to live in the one treasure house with YOU! This pair of love bugs will delight in your affection.

They can’t wait to go for walks with you! They are sure to be the centerpiece of your neighborhood! What do you get when you have cuteness and kindness combined? DOUBLE BEAGLES!

Jack and Jill did NOT go up the hill or break a crown. They stayed at PAWS, safe and sound. They are the sweetest beagles in town! 



Does this mischievous face remind you of anyone?  Say, a classroom full of second graders?  The students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary recognized one of their own in this young, energetic and fun-loving orange tabby, so they wrote him an adoption profile to help him find his forever home!  King Julian likes dogs and kids, so he would make the perfect addition to any family.  Read the students' profile below, and then come meet King Julian at PAWS Cat City in Seattle!

King-JulianThis little king is waiting to rule your kingdom! Are you ready for this furry feline to be in your castle? Just look into King Julian’s sparkling EMERALD eyes! At the moment, King Julian is at PAWS, but in his imagination he is ruling the castle!

King Julian is a big responsibility, can you take care of this royal highness? Do you have a big castle for him? He will make a royal purr when you pet him! King Julian is a FAIR ruler; he is kind to both dogs AND kids! 

Do you have a dog but you want this kitty, too? That will be just fine! He is a purrrfect gentleman.  When he is at your home, he’ll expect some royal pampering. He might win a handsome contest! Most kings like diamonds and royal feasts but all this one wants is A FOREVER HOME!




What was it about these roly-poly Dachshunds that caught the attention of the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class?  The fact that they are best buddies!  The students know that sometimes it can be difficult to find homes for a bonded pair of animals, so they wrote this adoption profile to help them find the perfect forever family together.

And it worked!  The perfect family came along and fell in love with these two sweet pups.  Thanks to the creativity of the Spruce Elementary students, Badger and Little Bit now have a forever home and family of their own. Read the profile that helped them get adopted below!


Badger_LittleBitBadger and Little Bit are best friends. They want to stay together forever in a FOREVER HOME!

Badger is spectacularly stealth and Little Bit is just A LITTLE BIT TOO CUTE! These two are like TWO PEAS IN A POD!  This duo will benefit from some regular exercise and playtime.

Badger loves snuggling little stuffed animals. Little Bit can be a little bit shy but guess who helps her feel brave? Her bestie, Badger!

They are compassionate critters and we think they hold the key to YOUR HEART!  Do you have a big enough heart to love this paw-fect pair?



Q. Whose name starts with a “B”? 
Answer: Badger

Q. Whose name starts with “L”?
Answer: Little Bit

Q. Who is going to fall in love with them both?
Answer: YOU!!!



Giants are usually pretty scary, but the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary certainly aren't afraid of our gentle giant Louie!  These creative and compassionate students recognized that all Louie wants is a loving home and family of his own.  Plus, just like the students, Louie loves playtime with his friends!

The students came up with a handful of wonderful things about Louie that would make him the perfect companion—including his impeccable manners and how he's learning new tricks with clicker training at PAWS. Read his new adoption profile below, and take a look at this adorable video of Louie shaking hands with a PAWS staff member!




He’s an eight-year-old gentleman.

Louie had a “ruff” start but he still has the courage to be your best friend.  If you are willing to respect him, you might be the right person for Louie! 

If you like Huskies – he’s your DAWG! Are you a responsible and compassionate citizen? Louie is responsible and respectful too.  It would be the perfect match!

Louie is just a loving, happy dog who wants to make his human companion happy as well.

Will you be that person?





We have already featured this gentle giant in our blog before, but now he is getting the full support of the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary!  They have given his adoption profile a complete makeover, and we're certain that this creative write-up will help Eddie find his forever home.

Eddie is a big love who gets around really well despite having three legs. The students came up with a handful of wonderful things that come in three's, and Eddie is one of them! Read his new adoption profile below, then come to PAWS for a visit!



Do you love triangles? How about three wishes? What about three scoops of ice cream? (chocolate + vanilla + strawberry!) Or three golden eggs? If you love the number three, then Eddie is the one for you!

Over at PAWS, the volunteers lovingly call Eddie a tripod.  And in Room 15 we call him a TRY-ING-pod. Why? Because he just keeps on trying! He is a HERO! He shows the world that life can still be great! Eddie has three legs but he can still run like the wind. No challenge is too great for ED-TASTIC! Would you like a cuddling adventure dog? Then Eddie is your boy. He’s an amazing wonder. He LOVES to play and is always looking for an adventure. Eddie is an exercising athlete! Eddie is HANDSOME, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

He is just a goofy little leprechaun who has a heart of gold. Do you have a heart of gold? Because he might have the golden key to your heart!





Get ready for some food and fun...

VegFest VegFest 2012 is almost here! Join us on March 24 and 25 at Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for this year’s VegFest, Seattle's annual Vegetarian Food Festival.

Enjoy a delicious sampling of Washington’s tastiest vegetarian and vegan dishes (over 500 different kinds to try!), watch cooking demonstrations, visit representatives from a variety of local organizations, and savor your way to the PAWS booth.

We will have lots of great information on how to live (and eat) humanely, so be sure to stop by and see us!

Whether you’re veg or not, there is sure to be something for everyone at this fun and tasty event. We're getting hungry just thinking about it!  



The second graders at Spruce Elementary know their geography.  And they also know a star when they see one!  Miss Jennie Warmouth's students spotted Frenchy and could tell that she is a one-of-a-kind feline.  If the children think she's better than french toast and french fries combined, she must be one special cat!

The students created this adorable profile for Frenchy to tell everyone what a catch she is.  Read what they have to say about this international kitty who is full of personality. Then come to PAWS in Lynnwood to meet Frenchy and fall in love!



Oooh laa laa! Where in the world is the most beautiful art? Where in the world is the most tasty toast?  FRANCE of course! Since this little kitty is called Frenchy, she will remind you of all the great things about France!  Frenchy is sweeter than french toast, french fries and pastries combined! 

Everyone knows that people fall in love in France and all of the people are going to stop and fall in love with Frenchy!  She is just so beautiful.

She is quite a favorite at PAWS!  She’s got a BIG personality and the confidence to let others know who is boss! She is cute like a teddy bear and soft like a blanket. If you dream of a French cat, then Frenchy is the one for you!

This kitty would climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower just to say "Bonjour” to you.  Come fall in love with Frenchy today!


Miss Jennie Warmouth's second graders immediately fell in love with Eddie, the plucky three-legged dog who won them over with his sweetness and charm.  They love how Eddie doesn't let anything slow him down—even with three legs, he can keep up on the playground.  Just like the children, Eddie loves playtime, being active, and brand new toys!

The students created this adorable profile for Eddie to let prospective adopters know what a wonderful companion he would be.  Read what they have to say about this goofy guy, and then come to PAWS in Lynnwood to meet Eddie and see for yourself how fun and energetic he really is!


Eddie is a three-legged charmer!  This is what you should call him: cute, cute, cute! The cute goes on forever and beyond, and he can still run like the wind!


Eddie still has three legs and can run run run! This dog acts like every day is a gift. Every day is like his birthday! He’s a totally fun and active boy. His coat is ultra dark and his heart is brighter than the sun! His eyes sparkle like a shining star.


Are you a hiker? A runner? An active human? Then Eddie is the one for you!




Looking for ways to make your Valentine's Day a little sweeter?  Give some love not only to your special someone, but to a homeless or shelter animal as well!  If you're not sure how to get started, we've put together a short list of ways that you can be a sweetheart for animals in your community:


  1. Support your shelter. Shelters provide a variety of rewarding opportunities to help animals in your community.  Share the love by volunteering your time, fostering a sick or newborn animal, making a donation, and more!
  2. Live Humanely. Show your love for animals by considering their welfare in the every day choices you make.
  3. Spread the word.  Write a letter to the editor of a local paper, share posts from PAWS' blog to encourage others to speak up, or become a fan of PAWS on Facebook and spread the word about important animal issues.
  4. Spend some quality time. It's the day of love, so shower your pet with some!  Take your pup to the dog park and throw around the ball, or curl up with your cat to watch a movie.  Spreading the love starts at home! 

These are just a few ways to show animals some love this Valentine's Day, but there are many more ways that you can help animals every day. Visit paws.org to find out how! 

Thank you for being a champion for animals!


Like all things that come in small packages, Heath the Beagle has a big heart.  That's why the second graders in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary chose to write him an adoption profile!  They found that they had much in common with Heath—both the students and this friendly pup love playing with toys, hanging out with friends, and eating treats!  And just like the students, Heath is always on his best behavior.

The students hope that their profile for Heath will find him a forever home and family. If you're looking for love and companionship, look no further than Heath! 


Meet Heath the Beagle

Heath is a LOVEBUG! He is adorable, playful and loving. What else can you ask for? Cuteness?

Well, HE HAS THAT TOO! Heath is such a good dog. When you watch TV he will just snuggle up with you!

If you love Beagles then Heath is the one for you, and if you like dogs then you will think Heath is the best ever!

Here is a rare chance to read Heath’s mind:

“Now what shall we play…Hmmmm…I know! Let’s go outside!!! Oh! Oh! Let’s play fetch!

Woof! Woof!"