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Bryce Setran and his cat Charlie have beat the odds, thanks to a tiny piece of technology. Every two seconds, a family companion like Charlie is lost. Tragically, many of these cats and dogs never make it back home. But thanks to a small non-removable piece of identification, Charlie's story has a happy ending.

Charlie and his guardianOn a warm summer day back in early August, while Bryce was out of town, six-year-old Charlie slipped out an open door and vanished.

Distraught, Bryce scoured the neighborhood for weeks, posting flyers and checking with neighbors to find out if anyone had seen Charlie. But Charlie was nowhere to be found.

So Bryce turned to PAWS for help. Our knowledgeable staff recommended that he try a humane cat trap, which has a high rate of success in reuniting lost pets with their guardians. But the trap remained empty, and Charlie was still missing.

Luckily, Charlie had an advantage over other missing pets. He was equipped with a microchip—a small, non-removable form of identification about the size of a grain of rice, containing a personal identification number and, most importantly, Bryce's contact information.

A week later, as if by fate, Charlie was brought to PAWS as a stray. When staff members scanned him for a microchip, they were overjoyed to find that he had one, and that the information was current. They contacted Bryce, who rushed in to claim his long-lost friend.

After more than a month apart, Bryce and Charlie were finally reunited, and it was all thanks to a small microchip.

 Learn more about microchips and pet safety at paws.org



You may know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two unofficial "holidays" between Thanksgiving and Christmas devoted to shopping for gifts and finding the greatest deals. But now there's a new holiday, designed with a more philanthropic goal in mind: #GivingTuesday.

Give Back on #GivingTuesday 2013Tuesday, December 3, 2013 marks the second annual #GivingTuesday, a day to kick off the holiday giving season in a different way.

#GivingTuesday is a nation-wide day of charitable giving, and a chance for you to make a gift that will save animals' lives.

This Giving Tuesday, join PAWS to help save the lives of injured and orphaned cats, dogs and wildlife. With your kindness and support, we’ll continue to make a positive impact on the homeless animals in our community.

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On Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, you can find good deals on just about everything. But here at PAWS we've got the best Black Friday deal of them all.

Black Friday Adoption SpecialThis Black Friday, November 29, we're offering waived adoption fees for our black and mostly-black adult cats and dogs! And in case your Friday is so full of shopping you just can't make it in, we're extending the special all weekend long.

During this three-day adoption special, you can bring home a new furry companion for free! We can't imagine a better deal.

We have many beautiful black (and mostly-black) adult animals in need of forever homes, like playful cat Samantha, young and friendly cat Jessie Jane, handsome Labrador Retriever and Great Dane mix Graham, and many others.

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, be sure to stop by PAWS this Black Friday weekend to take advantage of waived adoption fees!

Celebrate Black Friday with PAWS



For most animal lovers, the idea of bringing a cat or dog back to the shelter after feeding, loving and caring for them may seem like a cruel or heartbreaking act. But for PAWS foster parent Kara Gerhart, it's just the opposite.

Boots with foster parent KaraGerhart, a PAWS volunteer, had never fostered before. But when she found out that Captain Boots—a handsome tuxedo cat whom she had met at PAWS—needed a foster home, she immediately jumped in to help.

"I had never fostered before, but this particular cat had touched my heart, and I just wanted to give him a place to recuperate and stay as happy as possible," says Gerhart.

"There's nothing more rewarding than fostering, because you know you've given them the best chance in the world at finding a home," she says.

"We were very sad to say goodbye, but Boots got to say hello to his forever family only a few days later!"

Foster care is a crucial component of any animal shelter or rescue organization, and a particularly important program at PAWS, where our ability to help any given animal depends upon availability of space and resources. In the shelter, we only have room for so many—but through foster care, we can help a limitless number of animals.

Currently, PAWS is in desperate need of more foster families, especially to help us care for a large influx of adult cats with upper respiratory infections (kitty colds).

By offering your time, energy and home to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home as well as help prevent overcrowding in our shelter. To help with this foster emergency, please call the PAWS Foster Care Program at 425.787.2500 x822.

Can you help? Save a life by becoming a foster parent!



Looking to help those less fortunate this holiday season? There are hundreds of homeless pets waiting for their forever homes at PAWS this time of year—why not give the gift of love by adopting a cat or dog!

Home for the Holidays Adoption SpecialNovember 16 - December 30, PAWS is helping spread the holiday cheer with our Home for the Holidays event. During this time, adoption fees for adult dogs and cats one year and older will be reduced to $75, with a fee of only $50 for senior cats and dogs who are seven years and older. 

From happy-go-lucky dogs like Graham, a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever/Great Dane, to cuddly, affectionate cats like Sparkles, we have dozens of animals who would make wonderful new family members.

Give yourself and a lucky animal (or two) the gift of a forever home and spend the holidays with a new family member! 

Give the gift of love this holiday season!



The spookiest night of the year is almost here, when trick-or-treaters don costumes and party-goers bob for apples. This sugar-filled holiday is fun for humans, but don't forget about your pet! Keep Fido and Frisky safe and happy during the Halloween festivities by following these simple safety tips:

Halloween Pet Safety Tips1. Hide the candy bowl. Sugar is never good for animals, but chocolate can be toxic to your pet. Make sure you keep the trick-or-treat candy where your pooch can't sneak a treat!

2. Leave your pet at home. Even the calmest dogs may be unnerved or frightened by all the noises and scary masks on Halloween. Take the kids trick-or-treating, but leave your pup at home.

3. Be safe with decorations. Hanging objects, and especially loose wires, can be hazardous when pets are present. Keep decorations up high, and keep electric cords out of your pet's reach.

4. Careful with the costumes. Your dog may look adorable dressed up as four-legged Superman, but pet costumes can easily cause your pet to feel hot, constricted, and stressed. Instead of a costume, try making your pet festive with a Halloween-themed bandana or collar.

5. Keep your pets indoors. Make sure to bring your dogs and cats inside, especially on Halloween night. The crazy sights and sounds can frighten your animals into running away. Experts also suggest keeping all but the most easygoing, social pets in a back room away from the front door during trick-or-treating hours. The heavy traffic and strangers at the door can be stressful and scary for your pet.

For more holiday hazards, visit paws.org. Happy Halloween!



It's not difficult to find someone who would gladly bring home a cuddly, playful, affectionate cat to join their family. What's not to love! But it takes a very special person to understand and appreciate a more independent, enigmatic feline personality, like Yolanda—an 11-year-old cat currently available for adoption at PAWS.

Yolanda the catYo-yo, as she's affectionately called by staff and volunteers, has been waiting more than 300 days for that perfect person to come along.

This grey and white, golden-eyed beauty is a special, unique personality who would flourish in a home that understands her need for independence.

Like most mysterious beauties, Yo-Yo prefers if you look more than touch. Yet once you have charmed your way into her heart, she'll grace you with head bumps, and allow you to brush her extremely soft fur.

Yo-yo is an independent gal as all Queens are, and is perfectly happy keeping herself entertained throughout the day.

If you have the heart of a cat whisperer, and appreciate the mystique of felines, then you may appreciate the perfection of Yo-Yo’s cat-ness.

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For injured, orphaned or homeless animals, PAWS is a place of refuge. Our staff and volunteers work around the clock, 360 days a year to ensure the safety, comfort and wellbeing of cats, dogs and wildlife in need. But we can't do it alone.

PAWS Placement Partner ProgramSince opening our doors in 1969, PAWS has reached out to other animal welfare groups to create a safety net for all the animals in our community, and beyond.

If we don't have the means or space to care for a particular animal, we rely upon our relationships with other organizations to provide ongoing care and find life-long loving homes for them through the PAWS Placement Partner Program.

This program helps us rescue dogs like Bubba, an eight-year-old Rottweiler mix who came to PAWS in need of urgent medical attention, and a lot of TLC. 

With his easygoing and gentle demeanor, Bubba immediately became a staff and volunteer favorite at PAWS. But due to the severity of his medical condition, it was agreed that Bubba could be better cared for by one of our shelter partners—Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. 

Thanks to our partnership with Motley Zoo and many other local animal rescue organizations, we can ensure that animals like Bubba get the second chance they deserve.

Learn more about PAWS Placement Partner Program



Here at PAWS, we believe that every companion animal deserves a loving home. And one of the most important tools in the fight against pet homelessness and overpopulation is spay and neuter. Now, thanks to a generous $7,500 grant from the ASPCA, PAWS will be able to save many more lives with spay/neuter surgeries through our Placement Partner Program.

ASPCA Helps PAWS Fight Pet Overpopulation"These crucial funds will help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for cats transferred to PAWS from other rescue organizations and shelters," says Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services at PAWS.

"Our partner agencies may send us animals who have special needs, or send multiple animals because they have run out of space," says Joubert.

"Thanks to the ASPCA grant, we can afford to provide crucial spay and neuter surgeries for these animals."

PAWS also accepts animals from emergency situations, such as puppy mill raids or natural disasters.

In 2012, the volume of animals transferred to PAWS reached an all time high: 1,795 animals received a second chance through PAWS Placement Partner Program, a 174% increase from 2011.

The $7,500 ASPCA grant will subsidize 20% of transferred feline spay/neuter surgeries, helping PAWS keep up with the demand for our services, and giving hundreds of animals a second chance.

Learn more about spay/neuter at paws.org



October is commonly known for beautiful fall leaves, pumpkin carving, and spookily-dressed Trick-or-Treaters. But here's another fun fact about October you may not have known. October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

October is Adopt-A-Dog MonthTo show support for homeless dogs everywhere, here are six ways YOU can celebrate Adopt-a-Dog month this October:

Adopt a dog!  We know, this one is a little obvious. But if you're interested in bringing home a new canine companion, animal shelters like PAWS are the perfect place to look. You'll find dogs of every shape, size, and personality—all waiting for a loving home. Don't shop, adopt!

Share your story.  If you have a shelter pet at home, tell everyone about your adoption experience! Your story is a testament to the benefits of adoption, and a great source of information for others who are considering adopting a shelter dog.

Get involved.  If you can't adopt right now, donate your time instead! Become a volunteer and help the dogs at PAWS by giving them food, exercise, and lots of love.

Be a Foster Hero.  Sign up to be a PAWS foster parent! Through PAWS' Foster Care Program, you provide young, injured or sick animals a chance to grow and heal before we find them a forever home.

Make wishes come true.  PAWS has a Wish List of items we need for the animals, such as chew toys, jars of peanut butter, and other supplies. Donate an item from our list!

Share and Like!  Social media is a great way to spread the word about PAWS, and the animals who need forever homes. Like us on Facebook and share our photos with your friends!

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