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The Golden Eagle is a fairly rare sight in Western Washington, and is a very rare patient for us to have in care. Although we are occasionally contacted by members of the public who believe they have found an injured Golden Eagle, most turn out to be juvenile Bald Eagles.

The two species can be confusing to the untrained eye, especially when viewed individually, or at a distance. Placing the two side by side makes identifying them a bit easier. Below you can see a juvenile Bald Eagle on the left, and an adult Golden Eagle on the right. Note the slightly smaller beak on the Golden Eagle as well as the lighter, golden feathers on the back of the head and nape of the neck.

Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle


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I thought this was a REALLY cool post! I would love to see more animal identification tips on PAWS blog!

Thank you so much Erin! We will try to provide more posts like these. Thanks for reading!

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