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February 7 started off as a good day for this Golden Eagle. She spent the morning feasting on an all-you-can-eat buffet of elk meat from a carcass she had found, and she was about to fly off to find a comfortable perch on which she could sit and digest her meal. Unfortunately, she never made it there.

As the eagle took flight, she passed over the same strip of pavement on which the elk had met his end. Possibly weighed down by a full stomach, the eagle nearly became roadkill herself—she was struck by a truck and instantly grounded. She was retrieved from the roadside by a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife enforcement officer who delivered her to PAWS the next day.

Golden Eagle 140078


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I certainly hope that the eagle will get better and be flying high in the sky again. They are such a beautiful bird.
Thanks for sharing

So beautiful that PAWS could help this beautiful and majestic bird! I know she is in GOOD hands with Dr. John; God Bless all at PAWS!! I continue to be impressed continuously. :)

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