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In the early summer, five different Black-tailed Deer fawns with five different stories arrived at PAWS. Two were found wandering near roads. One became stuck in a fence as she tried to flee approaching humans. One was attacked by a dog. One came with few details other than where he had been found. Despite their varied pasts, after being brought to PAWS these five fawns shared a common destiny—to one day return to the wild life they were born to live.

Black-tailed Deer Fawn

It took more than five months, but that day did come. On November 14, PAWS Staff and volunteers herded the now sub-adult deer one at a time down a chute and into their waiting transport boxes. Two hours later those boxes were lined up on a remote, forested site and the doors were opened. Two deer immediately made a break for it, while others were a little more timid.

Deer Release


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Thanks once more, Kevin, to you and your team for your excellent work! Thanks for writing about it, too, so we could share in the joyful moment.

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