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It's not difficult to find someone who would gladly bring home a cuddly, playful, affectionate cat to join their family. What's not to love! But it takes a very special person to understand and appreciate a more independent, enigmatic feline personality, like Yolanda—an 11-year-old cat currently available for adoption at PAWS.

Yolanda the catYo-yo, as she's affectionately called by staff and volunteers, has been waiting more than 300 days for that perfect person to come along.

This grey and white, golden-eyed beauty is a special, unique personality who would flourish in a home that understands her need for independence.

Like most mysterious beauties, Yo-Yo prefers if you look more than touch. Yet once you have charmed your way into her heart, she'll grace you with head bumps, and allow you to brush her extremely soft fur.

Yo-yo is an independent gal as all Queens are, and is perfectly happy keeping herself entertained throughout the day.

If you have the heart of a cat whisperer, and appreciate the mystique of felines, then you may appreciate the perfection of Yo-Yo’s cat-ness.

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I know Yo Yo...she is our "Savannah" and if anyone wants a reference for Yo Yo, have them contact me even if I live in Nor Calif. I will pick up the phone cost. Savannah is just like Yo Yo, younger at 7 years...but all is on her terms...and for two years...we rejoice every single week in seeing her put one more paw forward to be and do differently.

Thank you for giving Savannah a wonderful home!

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