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Three Seals Set Sail



September was a very good month for three Harbor Seals in care at PAWS. Starving, orphaned pups when we first met them, the seals came to PAWS in early July. The first was from Olympia, arriving on July 8. The second pup was from Shelton, arriving the following day. The final member of the trio arrived on July 11 after he was rescued from a beach near a marina in Everett, WA. The three remained separated until they were weaned, but then shared a pool during their final weeks of care and seemed to get along well with one another.

Three Seals Set Sail

The Olympia and Shelton seals were assigned the same release site, and on September 17 they re-entered the world without walls at Still Harbor off McNeil Island.

Three Seals Set Sail

The two seals stuck close together at their release, most of the time swimming side by side.

Three Seals Set Sail

The seals frequently paused to check-in with one another, sniffing and touching noses as if looking for reassurance.

Three Seals Set Sail

After spending several minutes exploring close to shore, the pair swam out to deeper waters to mingle with a large group of local seals.

Three Seals Set Sail

On September 25, the Everett seal returned to his home. Rather than release him in the Marina, we took him to a more secluded spot just to the North. Coast Guard Auxillary volunteers Mike and Shirley provided transportation on their boat, the Glimfeather.

Three Seals Set Sail

The seal slid easily into the water from the low deck in the stern of the boat.

Three Seals Set Sail

After entering the water, the seal began to explore. The results of several weeks of all-he-could-eat fish at PAWS were clearly visible in his impressively plump physique.

Three Seals Set Sail

The seal inspected the low deck of the boat several times. He even made a few attempts at climbing back onto it.

Three Seals Set Sail

Eventually, the seal realized that the whole world was now available for him to explore. We wished him well as he set off to enjoy the wild life he was born to live.

Three Seals Set Sail

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