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When Animal Control Officers answered a call to investigate a possible hoarding situation in Woodinville, they were shocked at what they found.

Sundae and HarveyInside the trailer, the officers discovered no fewer than 12 cats and one dog, living in dirty, inadequate conditions that smelled strongly of urine and appeared to have been neglected for some time.

The officers removed the animals from the trailer and transported them to PAWS, where they were given immediate medical care, warm beds to sleep in, and plenty of love and attention from PAWS staff and volunteers.

Two of the cats discovered in the trailer—a 12-year-old female named Sundae and a tomcat named Harvey—got along especially well. They spent many hours of the day snuggling at PAWS Cat City while they waited for their forever home.

After several months of waiting for that special person to come along, senior kitties Sundae and Harvey were adopted!

They're now living out their golden years—and snuggling together—in a home of their own.

Meet more adoptable pets at paws.org



Are you and your family interested in making a difference, but not sure where to start?

Gates Foundation Family DayThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center invites you to its next family event, “Family Day: Kids Can,” on Saturday, September 28 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

At this free event, kids can participate in a series of arts and crafts, games and activities that use brainpower to make a difference in real time – benefitting local causes across the Puget Sound.

Visitors will also hear inspiring stories from young leaders in community service, get connected with local organizations and enjoy performances that use creative expression to make positive change, including a performance by Massive Monkees, an internationally known breakdancing group committed to fostering creative expression and positive change.

To learn more and to RSVP, visit the Facebook event page.

Join us for a memorable day of fun and feel-good activities that will leave your family inspired to give back!

For more ways kids can help animals, visit paws.org



It’s that time of year again. Migratory birds are hitting the road and heading for their overwintering grounds. But the birds aren’t just hitting the road metaphorically. In some cases they're doing it literally. That's the case with a Western Grebe who was found stranded on the shoulder of a road in Gold Bar, WA. Fortunately, he was scooped up by a concerned citizen and brought to PAWS for care.

Western Grebe

From the air, the wet pavement looks a lot like the surface of a lake or pond. The illusion is so convincing that migrating birds sometimes come in for a landing on a road or in a parking lot, not realizing their mistake until it is too late. Grebes, loons and a few other groups of water birds are so specialized for their aquatic life that they struggle to walk or even stand on dry land. They are also small winged and heavy bodied, so taking flight without first running along on the water’s surface is not possible. Even if they don’t suffer injuries in the process, a crash landing on pavement puts them in a life-threatening situation.

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Play Quingo for PAWS

Play Quingo to help the animals at PAWS!

Quingo is a fun, light-hearted trivia game with a bingo twist—play for free and support the animals at PAWS! Quingo, created by local startup Game It Forward, combines the fun of bingo with the challenge of trivia questions, and enables players to support PAWS just by playing.

The game presents players with a trivia question that has five correct answers hidden among 20 wrong answers laid across a bingo-style grid. Correct responses range from easy to very difficult, making it engaging for players of all knowledge levels. Players are awarded points for correct answers and scores can be shared through social channels.

Quingo is free to download and currently available for the iPad at the iTunes store. Game It Forward plans to develop Quingo for additional platforms in the coming year.

Download Quingo and play for PAWS!



Summer vacation is officially over, and backpacks are being filled with notebooks, pencils and tasty treats for lunch. But did you know that back-to-school time can be dangerous for your pets?

Pet Safety Tips from PAWSAccording to the ASPCA, the Animal Poison Control Center sees an increase in backpack-related toxicities in late August and September, when kids head back to school.

"One of the most common complaints we hear is that an owner's dog or cat got into a child's backpack and ingested something problematic," says Kelley Durham, a board member at Missing Pet Partnership.

Here are some tips on what to watch out for in the back-to-school season:

•    Gum (which can contain xylitol)
•    ADHD medication (which are often amphetamines)
•    Albuterol inhalers
•    Over-the-counter medications

Lunch Boxes
Along with backpacks, lunch boxes attract items that are unhealthy for pets:
•    Grapes
•    Raisins
•    Onions
•    Macadamia nuts

So as your kids head back to school, please be sure to keep backpacks and lunch boxes out of your pets’ reach!

Learn more about pet safety at paws.org



There's preciously plump, and then there's the point when a little belly wobble becomes a real weight problem. For our nation's pets, morbid obesity has become an epidemic.

Preventing Pet ObesityFor companion animals like Zoey, a six-year-old tabby cat, a tubby tummy may look cute, but the extra weight on such a small frame can cause serious health problems. Extra weight puts excess strain on the bones and joints, the heart, and the respiratory and endocrine systems.

"When Zoey arrived at PAWS, she weighed a whopping 27.60 pounds!" recalls PAWS Animal Behavior Lead Kristi Binau. "Her guardian didn’t realize how big she had gotten, and didn’t think it was a problem."

To help Zoey shed those pounds and get back to her svelte self, PAWS staff member Michelle Kulej has been keeping Zoey's mind and body active with a strict diet and plenty of playtime.

Thanks to Michelle's efforts, Zoey is quickly losing the weight and is available for adoption!  Zoey loves to be around people and loves attention, although she prefers not to be petted below the neck. Zoey would do best as the only pet in an adult-only home so she can have you all to herself!

Do you have an overweight pet at home? We know it can be a challenge to keep an indoor cat active and fit, so the best way to get your cat moving is through interactive play! By encouraging her to pounce, leap, and run laps around the house, you can help your feline couch potato become an indoor athlete in no time.

Learn more about preventing pet obesity at paws.org