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There's preciously plump, and then there's the point when a little belly wobble becomes a real weight problem. For our nation's pets, morbid obesity has become an epidemic.

Preventing Pet ObesityFor companion animals like Zoey, a six-year-old tabby cat, a tubby tummy may look cute, but the extra weight on such a small frame can cause serious health problems. Extra weight puts excess strain on the bones and joints, the heart, and the respiratory and endocrine systems.

"When Zoey arrived at PAWS, she weighed a whopping 27.60 pounds!" recalls PAWS Animal Behavior Lead Kristi Binau. "Her guardian didn’t realize how big she had gotten, and didn’t think it was a problem."

To help Zoey shed those pounds and get back to her svelte self, PAWS staff member Michelle Kulej has been keeping Zoey's mind and body active with a strict diet and plenty of playtime.

Thanks to Michelle's efforts, Zoey is quickly losing the weight and is available for adoption!  Zoey loves to be around people and loves attention, although she prefers not to be petted below the neck. Zoey would do best as the only pet in an adult-only home so she can have you all to herself!

Do you have an overweight pet at home? We know it can be a challenge to keep an indoor cat active and fit, so the best way to get your cat moving is through interactive play! By encouraging her to pounce, leap, and run laps around the house, you can help your feline couch potato become an indoor athlete in no time.

Learn more about preventing pet obesity at paws.org



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Thank you so much for this post. I hope that people eventually get the word that an obese pet is *not* funny. I take any opportunity I can to spread the word, but it's so good for people to hear it from an expert!

Thank you Susan! We appreciate your comments, and we'll keep spreading the word :)

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