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At PAWS, we deal in "second chances" every day. From placing homeless cats and dogs with loving new families, to repairing a Bald Eagle's broken wing so that it may once again fly free, we strive to make sure that every story has a happy ending. But every once in a while, a story comes along that reminds us exactly what a second chance really means.

Gandalf Goes HomeOne such story involves a cat named after a wizard, and his story seems pretty magical indeed.

Gandalf the cat came to PAWS in sad condition. He was 18 years old and suffering from a bladder infection, a mass on his forehead that needed to be removed, and in the early stages of renal failure.

But he also had an undeniably bright and energetic personality, and the staff at PAWS knew that Gandalf had plenty of life left in him. So they made it their mission to find this handsome 18-year-old cat a forever home.

While recuperating from his various illnesses, Gandalf spent time with four different PAWS foster care families, and he charmed everyone he met.

Two people in particular were charmed by Gandalf—PAWS volunteer Jamie and her boyfriend Michael. After a short deliberation, they knew he was meant to join their family and they adopted him!

Gandalf, the 18-year-old cat with a magic personality, is finally living his happy-ever-after.

Meet the other sweet senior cats at PAWS!



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