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On the "adoptability" scale, Byron didn't have a lot working in his favor. A nine-year-old black kitty with a serious illness, Byron was not at the top of the list for most potential adopters.

Byron in his foster homeHowever, the staff at PAWS recognized a diamond in the rough, and they were determined to save this friendly feline and find him a loving, forever home.

To help cure Byron's hyperthyroidism, PAWS turned to doctors Faythe Vaughan and Dennis Wackerbarth at the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center in Shoreline. The doctors generously donated the entire cost of radioiodine treatment, which eventually cured Byron of his disease.

While undergoing treatment, Byron needed a place to rest and recuperate, so PAWS staff member Rachel Bishop and her husband Bryan stepped in to be Byron's foster family.

"We've gotten to know Byron really well, and he would make a great addition to any family, especially one with other cats," says Rachel. "He has a long list of endearing behaviors that will keep you entertained!"

Whether dipping a paw into his water bowl to get a drink, playing “chase” with other cats, or routinely greeting you with his characteristic squeaky meow, this distinctive boy will win your heart in no time.

Byron thrives best in the comfort of a foster home, and prefers to make “guest appearances” at PAWS on the weekends. If you would like to meet him, call our staff to arrange a visit, or stop by PAWS this Labor Day weekend!

Meet Byron and the other available pets at PAWS!



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This treatment by Cats Exclusive was, I am sure, amazing. Dr. Vaughan is literally an angel walking on earth! She is my cats' Vet, and can truly talk with kitties through her touch and kind attitude. This little Byron looks like such a doll! As always, PAWS did a wonderful thing! :)

If only there was more people like it. this is truly a wonderful thing.
Hope he finds a great foster home, maybe a cat enclosure would make sure he is safe in a new home.

Thank you Janet and Michael!

A very lucky cat indeed. I thought hyperthyroidism was not curable, you must be very skilled vets. Agree with a cat enclosure though, i think many cats can be kept safe with a descent enclosure. How is Byron doing now?

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