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It’s never a good sign when a wild bird arrives at PAWS with fishing line hanging out of its mouth. The line itself is dangerous enough, causing injury through entanglement and laceration of skin, but the real danger lies at the far end of that line disappearing down the animal’s esophagus. You never know what might be down there, but you can be certain it's nothing good.

The most recent patient who presented us with the “what’s at the end of the line?” puzzle was a Common Loon. She was picked up by a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officer in Shelton, WA after she became too entangled in fishing line to move. She was transported to West Sound Wildlife Center on Bainbridge Island who then transferred her to PAWS. Radiographs taken here at the wildlife center answered the question of the day.



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Thanks to everyone involved in saving this precious life. Thanks for the tip, too, Kevin. It will really help if there are lots of us on the lookout for the hazards you mentioned.

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