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St Martin de Porrres Dog Kennel

The men at St. Martin de Porres Shelter in Seattle don't have much to give. Residents often arrive at St. Martin, a night shelter and housing service for homeless men age 50 and older, with little more than the clothes on their backs. But while these men may have a small amount of possessions, they have amazingly big hearts.

In a show of solidarity, the men at St. Martins decided to raise whatever funds they could for the animals at PAWS who, like themselves, don't have a home to call their own. In total, the men collected an incredible $265.05! The amount was more than enough to pay for a Kennel Sponsorship, which provides a "home away from home" for dogs like Whitman, who stayed in the St. Martin de Porres kennel at PAWS until he was adopted by his forever family.

When the men were shown the photo of Whitman in the kennel they had sponsored, one of the residents said in a heartfelt voice, "If I had a home, Whitman would have a home."

The compassion shown by the residents at St. Martin is "beyond words," says PAWS Donor Relations Coordinator Vicki Nelson. "It's one thing to be generous when you have a lot to give, it's another to be generous when you don't."

Thank you to the gentlemen at the St. Martin de Porres shelter for their incredible generosity and for supporting the animals at PAWS!


St Martin de Porrres - Gary and Jerry
Above: Residents Gary and Jerry with the St. Martin de Porres-sponsored kennel

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