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New Kits on the Block



Just as we were releasing our last three Raccoon kits from the 2012 baby season, the new 2013 models were arriving. As I write this, our Raccoon nursery is filled with the sounds of chattering, churring, and occasionally squealing, babies.


Baby Raccoon are brought to us for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are found after their mothers have been hit by cars. Sometimes families are evicted from attics, and mothers and babies become separated. The number of calls we receive from people who are having some sort of conflict or challenge with their masked neighbors increases dramatically at this time of year. The needs of growing Raccoon families often put them on a collision course with the wishes of the humans with whom they share their space. Our goal in addressing these human/Raccoon conflicts is to come up with a humane solution that both parties will be able to live with.

Whether you're currently involved in a Raccoon-related conflict or not, I encourage you to review the Raccoon information found on the PAWS website. Also, feel free to give us a call at 425.412.4040 if you would like advice on solving conflicts with Raccoons or any other of your wild neighbors. We are always happy to help.

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