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Foster a dog, save a life!

The dogs at PAWS need your help!

 PAWS is in desperate need of foster homes for our full grown dogs! By taking an animal into your home on a temporary basis, you provide them with a safe place to rest and heal, while giving us additional time to find them a permanent home.

The PAWS Foster Care Program is critical to the life-saving work we do, and our foster families play a vital role in our ability to rescue and find permanent homes for thousands of homeless pets each year.

But we’re running out of available foster homes, especially for our medium and larger breed dogs.

“Like any shelter, the number of animals we can care for at any given time is limited by the number of available kennels,” says Rebecca Oertel, PAWS Foster Care Coordinator. “But with the help of foster families, the number of animals we can save is limitless!”

FAQ's about fostering

Can I foster if I live in an apartment?
Absolutely! We will work to match a foster animal to your needs, given your abilities and environment. We assess all our dogs and then make the best matches possible based on that particular animal’s needs and the needs of our foster families.

What if I don't have a fenced-in yard?
No problem! Some lower-energy dogs are often well suited for apartment and condo living.

I work full-time. Can I still foster?
Yes! Most adoptive families also work full-time jobs, so it’s good for the animal to adjust to your schedule so that their adjustment into a new home comes easily. Consider if you or someone you know can check in at lunchtime to take the dog for a quick potty break.

I'm worried about damage to my home.
Consider crating or confining your foster animal to a limited area, and using enrichment toys to keep the dog engaged and entertained while you’re not at home.

I travel a lot. How would I foster?
Foster parents can take animals as their schedule allows. You're not required to constantly have a foster animal, and we're happy to work with your availability and needs.

What if I already have a pet at home?
Foster animals may need to be isolated from your own companion animals, but a separate room or enclosed area with no carpet (like a bathroom or laundry room) will do just fine! Foster animals have full medical exams by a veterinarian as well as vaccines, flea treatments and deworming before going out to foster. If your animals are current on their vaccinations and otherwise in good health, the risk of your animal getting sick is extremely minimal even if you are fostering an animal who is sick.

Becoming a foster parent is a wonderful and personal way to help save the lives of homeless animals. By taking a dog into your home on a temporary basis, you provide them with a safe place to rest and heal, while giving us additional time to find them a permanent home.

Questions about fostering? Visit PAWS Foster Care FAQ’s or sign up today at PAWS.org

Save a life - become a foster parent today!



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