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The halls of the PAWS Wildlife Center today were filled with the vocal protestations of our newest ursine patient. The three-month-old black bear was found on a beach in Charleston, OR, and it was his extremely loud bawling that first brought him to the attention of concerned people in the area. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officers observed the 10-pound cub until they were certain that his mother was nowhere to be found. Then they captured him and drove him to PAWS for care.

Black Bear 130422. intake exam 041913 KM-4

The cub was given a quick physical exam when he arrived, and he appears to be in good health.  Like the 86 other bears that PAWS has worked with, we will ensure that this cub grows strong and remains wild so that he has the best possible chance for survival when he is released next spring.

- Kevin Mack, PAWS Wildlife Naturalist



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