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When most people hear the word “migration”, it evokes visions of large herds of hoofed mammals trekking across the open plains, or thousands of flapping wings filling the skies. But migration is not always a grand spectacle covering hundreds of miles like the examples you see projected on the movie screen in big budget nature films. Some migrations only cover a few hundred yards, and they may happen right under our noses without us ever noticing.
One such lower-key migration was taking place on March 1 at the Cedar River Watershed in North Bend. Dozens of Rough-skinned Newts were making their way from the forest to a wetland in which they would mate and lay their eggs. Unfortunately, a road lay between them and their goal.



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Kevin, thanks to Julie and to you for taking care of the newt. I think I will try to contact the Education Center to see if they have plans for building some kind of "underpass" for the newts.

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