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Having too much choice when you're shopping for groceries, or a new pair of pants, can be overwhelming. But that's exactly what Antonia Sanchez loves about volunteering at PAWS—the vast array of volunteer opportunities! From walking dogs and petting cats to hand-feeding baby birds, there's no shortage of new and exciting jobs to explore.

Volunteer-Spotlight - Antonia Sanchez"When I first looked into volunteering at PAWS, I had no idea how extensive the opportunities were," says Sanchez. "I was interested in wildlife, outreach and education, dog walking and some of the other shelter activities... it was so hard to choose!"

Sanchez started out as a volunteer at the PAWS Wildlife Center, tending to baby raccoons, squirrels and other native wildlife. But she was eager to explore other areas of PAWS, so she began picking up shifts at community outreach events. She soon discovered that her experience as a wildlife volunteer made her an even better Community Outreach Volunteer.

"Having the experience with wildlife has really helped my outreach duties," she says. "I find is that it gives me the experience to speak about all facets of PAWS."

In fact, she loves being a PAWS volunteer so much that she's recruiting others to join her!

"I love talking with people about volunteer opportunities at PAWS—there are so many ways to get involved. People say, 'oh you volunteer?' and I say 'you bet, let me tell you about it!'"

The best part about being a Community Outreach Volunteer, she says, is when people come up to tell her about their great experience with PAWS.

"I had one burly police officer come up to me at an event and start flipping through photos of his adopted 'kitty cat'," recalls Sanchez with a smile. "That's one of the things I enjoy most about doing outreach—hearing all the happy adoption stories. It’s heartwarming to have folks come up and say what a great experience they had adopting their pet from PAWS."

Antonia, thank you for being a rockstar volunteer! Your dedication and willingness to help out wherever needed is much appreciated, and we’re thankful to have you as part of the PAWS team.

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