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Facebook is a pretty useful tool for many things—making plans with friends, checking out photos of your cousin's new baby or peeking at a certain ex-boyfriend's profile. But for a bonded pair of senior cats at PAWS, Facebook accomplished much more than that.

Suki and DivaIt helped find them a forever home.

Diva and Suki, an elderly bonded pair of cats, had been waiting patiently at PAWS for the right family to come along. But after nearly five months, PAWS staff began to wonder if these two felines would ever find their home.

"They were the sweetest pair," says PAWS Cat City Supervisor Steph Renaud. "But their age and some minor health problems kept them from being considered by many potential adopters."

Meanwhile, Kirsten Griffin was tracking Diva and Suki's story on the PAWS Facebook page, hoping to see the news that the pair had been adopted.

"I admit, I kind of stalked them via the Facebook page and website," smiles Kirsten. "But at that time, we had just begun fostering for the Seattle Humane Society and we had no intention of adopting any permanent additions into our family."

But Kirsten couldn't stop thinking about Diva and Suki, and she returned day after day to the PAWS Facebook page to keep tabs on the pair. Before long, she knew she had to meet them.

But by the time she decided to pay them a visit, Diva and Suki had been transferred to foster care with upper respiratory infections. While the kitties recovered from their colds, Kirsten continued to track them on the Facebook page and check in with staff to find out when they would be returning.

The timing couldn't have been better. When the pair were finally cleared for adoption, it was just when the Griffins needed them the most. Just days after the Griffin family suffered a painful loss, Kirsten discovered via the PAWS Facebook page that Diva and Suki were finally available for adoption.

"By Sunday afternoon, despite an incredibly emotional week, the four of us were finally getting to meet this furry duo that had monopolized my thoughts for so long" says Kirsten. "They came home with us that day and provided us with some much needed snuggle-therapy during that difficult time. And the rest, as they say, is history!"

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I too have been watching the progress of this pair. I do not have room right now as I have a rescue dog who needs a lot of medical attention and an aging cat inherited from my sister in law who is also in need of medical attention. I am happy they got adopted by a family who needed them and do not mind that they are not at their peak years. Happy days to all of you!

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