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When you picture an 18-year-old, what do you see? Maybe a young adult getting to vote for the very first time, or a bright-eyed student heading off to their first year of college. But how about a handsome, stately-looking feline?

GandalfMeet Gandalf, a friendly tuxedo cat who, at age 18, is the oldest cat available for adoption at PAWS. But you'd never guess his age from his sweet, youthful personality!

"He is a super friendly boy," says PAWS Animal Adoption Advisor Rachel Bird."We know that folks usually look for a younger animal, but they'd really be missing out on a great cat if they overlook this sweet senior!"

Like his namesake, Gandalf is calm and wise, with a cool white beard to boot! After a short stay with his foster care family, he's back at PAWS hoping to find a great new place to call home. He's a senior gentleman, but he's active and has lots of love to give to a new special someone!

Gandalf loves to snuggle and would be perfectly content warming your lap anytime you feel chilly. In fact, he loves chin scratches so much that he'll seek out your hand for more attention!

Gandalf's foster parents describe him as a great mellow lap cat with a fantastic personality. He even enjoyed interacting with another kitty in their home. And here's a surprising fact—Gandalf loves going for rides in the car! Stop by to meet this handsome guy at PAWS Cat City in Seattle's University District.

Help us find a home for Gandalf!



Having too much choice when you're shopping for groceries, or a new pair of pants, can be overwhelming. But that's exactly what Antonia Sanchez loves about volunteering at PAWS—the vast array of volunteer opportunities! From walking dogs and petting cats to hand-feeding baby birds, there's no shortage of new and exciting jobs to explore.

Volunteer-Spotlight - Antonia Sanchez"When I first looked into volunteering at PAWS, I had no idea how extensive the opportunities were," says Sanchez. "I was interested in wildlife, outreach and education, dog walking and some of the other shelter activities... it was so hard to choose!"

Sanchez started out as a volunteer at the PAWS Wildlife Center, tending to baby raccoons, squirrels and other native wildlife. But she was eager to explore other areas of PAWS, so she began picking up shifts at community outreach events. She soon discovered that her experience as a wildlife volunteer made her an even better Community Outreach Volunteer.

"Having the experience with wildlife has really helped my outreach duties," she says. "I find is that it gives me the experience to speak about all facets of PAWS."

In fact, she loves being a PAWS volunteer so much that she's recruiting others to join her!

"I love talking with people about volunteer opportunities at PAWS—there are so many ways to get involved. People say, 'oh you volunteer?' and I say 'you bet, let me tell you about it!'"

The best part about being a Community Outreach Volunteer, she says, is when people come up to tell her about their great experience with PAWS.

"I had one burly police officer come up to me at an event and start flipping through photos of his adopted 'kitty cat'," recalls Sanchez with a smile. "That's one of the things I enjoy most about doing outreach—hearing all the happy adoption stories. It’s heartwarming to have folks come up and say what a great experience they had adopting their pet from PAWS."

Antonia, thank you for being a rockstar volunteer! Your dedication and willingness to help out wherever needed is much appreciated, and we’re thankful to have you as part of the PAWS team.

Become a PAWS volunteer today!



What will 500 of Seattle's most compassionate community leaders be doing on Saturday, April 6, 2013? Sipping cocktails, celebrating and saving animals lives at the annual PAWS Wild Night Gala!

Guests at PAWS Wild Night will enjoy an elegant cocktail hour, exciting live and silent auctions with incredible packages and items to bid on, a Kitten Kissin' Booth and a gourmet animal-friendly dinner catered by Wild Ginger!

PAWS Wild Night 2013And of course we wouldn't be able to put on such an incredible event without the support of our generous sponsors. It's with great appreciation that we thank and acknowledge our PAWS Wild Night 2013 sponsors at the Defender ($5,000), Protector ($2,500) and Guardian ($1,000) levels:

Defender Sponsors:  Foss Maritime Company, Radarworks, Whole Foods Market

Protector Sponsors:  Cowbelly Pet Photography, Lake Union Veterinary Clinic, Lane Powell PC

Guardian Sponsors:  Advisory Services and Investments LLC, Clark Nuber P.S., Comprehensive Wealth Management LLC, PemReal Advisors, Schlemlein Goetz Fick & Scruggs, P.L.L.C.

Your generous support allows us to continue working to save animals' lives, and ensure a better tomorrow for the animals in our community. 

Thank you for supporting PAWS Wild Night 2013!



Spruce Elementary pet food drive
Spruce Elementary second grader Morgan sits amidst the spoils of the pet food drive they hosted for PAWS

For the second grade students at Spruce Elementary, there's one part of the school day that stands out above the rest—snack time! So when the students learned that PAWS was in need of pet food supplies, they jumped at the chance to help fill the tummies of hungry cats and dogs at their local animal shelter.

"The children identified three brands of pet food from the PAWS Wish List and set a goal of collecting 400 items to donate," says Spruce Elementary teacher (and pet food drive organizer) Jennie Warmouth. "They were so excited to be helping the animals at PAWS!" 

The students created a beautiful banner to publicize the pet food drive, and before they knew it the donations started rolling in. Thanks to these thoughtful students, the cats, kittens, dogs and puppies at PAWS will have plenty to eat.

Thank you to the second graders in Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary for being champions for animals!

Want to help? Donate an item from our Wish List!



Facebook is a pretty useful tool for many things—making plans with friends, checking out photos of your cousin's new baby or peeking at a certain ex-boyfriend's profile. But for a bonded pair of senior cats at PAWS, Facebook accomplished much more than that.

Suki and DivaIt helped find them a forever home.

Diva and Suki, an elderly bonded pair of cats, had been waiting patiently at PAWS for the right family to come along. But after nearly five months, PAWS staff began to wonder if these two felines would ever find their home.

"They were the sweetest pair," says PAWS Cat City Supervisor Steph Renaud. "But their age and some minor health problems kept them from being considered by many potential adopters."

Meanwhile, Kirsten Griffin was tracking Diva and Suki's story on the PAWS Facebook page, hoping to see the news that the pair had been adopted.

"I admit, I kind of stalked them via the Facebook page and website," smiles Kirsten. "But at that time, we had just begun fostering for the Seattle Humane Society and we had no intention of adopting any permanent additions into our family."

But Kirsten couldn't stop thinking about Diva and Suki, and she returned day after day to the PAWS Facebook page to keep tabs on the pair. Before long, she knew she had to meet them.

But by the time she decided to pay them a visit, Diva and Suki had been transferred to foster care with upper respiratory infections. While the kitties recovered from their colds, Kirsten continued to track them on the Facebook page and check in with staff to find out when they would be returning.

The timing couldn't have been better. When the pair were finally cleared for adoption, it was just when the Griffins needed them the most. Just days after the Griffin family suffered a painful loss, Kirsten discovered via the PAWS Facebook page that Diva and Suki were finally available for adoption.

"By Sunday afternoon, despite an incredibly emotional week, the four of us were finally getting to meet this furry duo that had monopolized my thoughts for so long" says Kirsten. "They came home with us that day and provided us with some much needed snuggle-therapy during that difficult time. And the rest, as they say, is history!"

Adopt your new family member from PAWS today!



This week is National Poison Prevention Week, the time of year to throw out those questionable chemicals from the garage and the hazardous cleaning materials lurking beneath your sink. But while you're cleaning out the obvious items, don't forget the common household foods, plants and products that can harm your pet!

Poison Prevention Week Here are some pet poison problems that could be lurking in your home. You can also consult your veterinarian for more advice about your particular pets:

  • Pills and medications. That Advil may easy your headache, but ingesting "people pills" can be harmful to your pet's health. Prescription medications and over-the-counter painkillers, cold medications and dietary supplements should be kept safely in your medicine cabinet or on a high shelf, out of your pet's reach.
  • Unsafe snacks. Human food should be just that—for humans. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocado, and gum or candy containing xylitol can all be dangerous to pets. Other problematic foods include coffee, macadamia nuts, onions, salt and garlic.
  • Poisonous plants. Common household greenery—including lilies, azaleas and rhododendrons—can be toxic for your pet if ingested. Lilies are very poisonous to cats and can result in kidney failure even from a small nibble. Check the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

If you suspect that your pet has been exposed to poison, take action immediately. Contact your personal veterinarian, Pet Poison Helpline or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Visit PAWS.org for more cat and dog resources


When most people hear the word “migration”, it evokes visions of large herds of hoofed mammals trekking across the open plains, or thousands of flapping wings filling the skies. But migration is not always a grand spectacle covering hundreds of miles like the examples you see projected on the movie screen in big budget nature films. Some migrations only cover a few hundred yards, and they may happen right under our noses without us ever noticing.
One such lower-key migration was taking place on March 1 at the Cedar River Watershed in North Bend. Dozens of Rough-skinned Newts were making their way from the forest to a wetland in which they would mate and lay their eggs. Unfortunately, a road lay between them and their goal.


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Grab your furry friend for a 5K to support PAWS and the Karelian Bear Dog program!

Karelian Bear Dog 5K

If you and your pooch love a good run (and we know you do!), join us for the Karelian Bear Dog program 2nd Annual 5K event in Mill Creek on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Karelian Bear Dogs are used to assist with wildlife management in a variety of ways across the state, including serving as an integral part of the Black Bear release program at PAWS. This joint fundraiser highlights the great work of the KBD program, and during the event they will be collecting food donations for the animals at PAWS!

Registration for the race is $30 before March 21, $35 on the day of. Register online or learn more about the event.

Register today for the Karelian Bear Dog 5K!



This is one fun evening you won't want to miss: join us at the Re-bar for a Bob Barker-style burlesque game show to benefit PAWS!

Showcase Showdown is a burlesque game show in the tradition of The Price Is Right. With burlesque versions of classic The Price is Right games, audience members can come on down and win prizes after each performance, all while supporting animal welfare!

Showcase Showdown Burlesque Benefit for PAWS This fun show will be hosted by Ace Carter as Bob Barker, with "Carter's Cuties" Miss Huneybush and Bunny Von Bunsmore.

Where: Re-bar Seattle
1114 Howell Street
Seattle, WA 98101

When: Three evening shows - March 14, 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m.

What: A "Price is Right"-themed burlesque show to benefit the animals at PAWS! 

There will be lots of fun prizes to give away, including goodies from The Burlesque Boutique Seattle, gift certificates to All Seasons Pet Care, handmade wallets from King of Spades Clothing, gift certificates to 'I Heart Dogs' shop on Phinney Ridge, rhinestoned bow ties from Haute Under the Collar, gift certificates to Nick's off Market, pasties designed by Seraphina Fiero, gift certificates to the Highway 99 Blues Club, and a grand prize gift basket from Atomic Cosmetics / Xerion Skin Science.


Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Purchase tickets online at brownpapertickets.com.

Bring an item on the PAWS Wishlist to the show and receive a raffle ticket!

Purchase your tickets for the Showcase Showdown here!



The numbers are in, and the results are overwhelming—during the month of February, as part of the international World Spay Day 2013 campaign, PAWS and other local shelter partners performed more than 1,000 low-cost spay and neuter surgeries here in Washington State!

World Spay Day 2013 "The number of spay and neuter surgeries completed this year is fantastic!" says Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services at PAWS.

"Last year, our combined efforts with our shelter partners resulted in 640 surgeries. This year for Spay Day, more than 1,000 companion animals came to us to be spayed or neutered!"

World Spay Day is an annual which aims to end the suffering of unwanted and homeless animals in our community by preventing unplanned litters. Spaying and neutering also helps our animal friends live longer, healthier lives.

If you’ve ever wondered why spay and neuter is such an important issue, here are some good reasons to consider!

Missed Spay Day 2013? Please refer to a list of clinics that offer low-cost spay/neuter surgeries year-round. Please spay and neuter your pets, and encourage friends and family to do the same for their animals!

Thank you to all of our partners who participated in Spay Day 2013!