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The numbers are in, and the results are overwhelming—during the month of February, as part of the international World Spay Day 2013 campaign, PAWS and other local shelter partners performed more than 1,000 low-cost spay and neuter surgeries here in Washington State!

World Spay Day 2013 "The number of spay and neuter surgeries completed this year is fantastic!" says Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services at PAWS.

"Last year, our combined efforts with our shelter partners resulted in 640 surgeries. This year for Spay Day, more than 1,000 companion animals came to us to be spayed or neutered!"

World Spay Day is an annual which aims to end the suffering of unwanted and homeless animals in our community by preventing unplanned litters. Spaying and neutering also helps our animal friends live longer, healthier lives.

If you’ve ever wondered why spay and neuter is such an important issue, here are some good reasons to consider!

Missed Spay Day 2013? Please refer to a list of clinics that offer low-cost spay/neuter surgeries year-round. Please spay and neuter your pets, and encourage friends and family to do the same for their animals!

Thank you to all of our partners who participated in Spay Day 2013!




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