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Cate Callahan has met more than a few characters in her life, but none with more personality than the felines she cares for during her shift as a Cat Room Attendant at PAWS.

Volunteer Spotlight - Cate Callahan“They are all so special, each in their own way” says Cate about the four-legged friends she spends time with during her volunteer shift at PAWS every Monday afternoon.

But when pressed, Cate admits that there are a few special kitties who stand out in her memory.

"Every animal we care for is wonderful, but Larry really captured my heart," recalls Cate. "He was a very special and loving cat—he and I used to do 'the Vulcan Mind Meld', trading deep thoughts with each other."

Then there was "Bowie the Escape Artist," who kept Cate and her fellow volunteers on their toes with his constant escape attempts.

"That smart cat kept opening his cage—even jiggling the lock off! He managed to get out a couple of times," she says with a smile. "He seemed so proud of himself!"

Outside of PAWS, Cate is a proud mother of two, and grandmother of four! When she's not caring for the cats at PAWS (or keeping them from escaping!), Cate loves to make homemade jams, crochet, read books and travel.

Cate, thank you for your commitment to the kitties at PAWS! Your dedication, dependability and great attitude is truly appreciated, and we’re thankful to have you as a volunteer.

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