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November 13, 2012 was the luckiest day of a young Double-crested Cormorant’s life, although it probably felt like just the opposite to him at the time. On that day the bird was sitting in a sewage tunnel next to the Duamish River. He was entangled in fish netting, and had been for several days. With no way to escape, the cormorant faced a slow death by starvation, but his fortunes were about to change.

The cormorant’s plight had not gone unnoticed, and therein lies the luck. Workers from Seattle Public Utilities just happened to be checking the sewage tunnel on that day. They spotted the cormorant and realized he was in distress. After calling PAWS Wildlife Center for advice, the workers entered the tunnel and rescued the bird.



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Oh my gosh I love it he/she is so cute

It must feel nice to help an injured bird to good health
Thanks for sharing

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