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When I first saw patient #12-2776, I said to Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager Emily Meredith, “That is one big Cooper’s Hawk!” A short time later, when I was repeating this observation to our veterinary staff, I joked that the bird was a Cooper’s Hawk pretending to be a goshawk. As soon as I said it, a little voice in the back of my mind said, “I think you might have that backwards.”

I immediately returned to the bird’s enclosure and looked at him with fresh eyes, and in that moment I finally truly saw him. He wasn’t a big Cooper’s Hawk, he was a small Northern Goshawk, a species that is a State Candidate for being listed as threatened or endangered, and an extremely rare patient at PAWS. 



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Amazing animal, Thanks Kevin for sharing.....

Nicely told Kevin! You're a natural! (heehee)

Thank you, Kevin, for a wonderful story - and pix. I've been fooled many times - and your story of the Goshawk reminds me of the time I, too, released a great raptor, a Red-tailed Hawk, that some neighborhood boys had kept cooped in a cage. The Red-tail would be long gone now, but I still look for it every time I return to the old home place.

George Neavoll
S.W. Portland

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