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For many of us, the cold, wintery weather of the holiday season signals a time for sipping hot cocoa and curling up under a warm blanket next to a cozy fire. But, for thousands of homeless cats and dogs in our community, living on the streets without a warm bed to sleep in or food in their bellies is a daily reality.

Whole Foods Market Pet Food Drive

With your help, we can change that.

Through December 31, Whole Foods Market is hosting a pet food drive for PAWS! All six Seattle-area stores will have donation bins, as well as a holiday Wish List with the items that we are in need of most.

You can help feed the cats and dogs at PAWS by visiting your local Whole Foods Market for the Feed Fido Pet Food Drive through December!

Help stock PAWS' shelves for the winter—your donations will make a difference in the lives of injured, orphaned and sick animals in need.

Help Feed Homeless Animals This Winter!



We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting great shopping deals. Wouldn’t it be great to have a day for giving back?

Giving Tuesday#GivingTuesday is a nation-wide day of charitable giving and volunteerism, and a chance for you to make a gift that will save lives.

Join us today, Giving Tuesday, and help find homes for abandoned cats and dogs, save the lives of injured and orphaned wildlife, and give all animals a fighting chance. With your kindness, we’ll continue to make a positive impact on the homeless animals in our community.

To share your compassion, simply make a #GivingTuesday gift to PAWS.

Here are a few other great ways to help animals this Giving Tuesday:

1. Make wishes come true. PAWS has a Wish List of items we need for the animals, such as chew toys, jars of peanut butter, and other supplies. Donate an item from our list!

2. Donate your time. If you can't adopt a pet right now, become a volunteer! Whether it's walking dogs, playing with kitties, or caring for wildlife, an extra pair of hands is always needed.

3. Donate linens. Towels, sheets and blankets can be used as comfy bedding for cats and dogs.

4. Foster an animal. Through foster care, you can provide young, injured or sick animals a chance to grow and heal before we find them a forever home. Open your heart and home to an animal in need!

Give the Gift of Life this Giving Tuesday!



The Western Pond Turtle was once the only species of turtle found in the Puget Sound lowlands, but there’s a good chance that you’ve never seen one.  Once common throughout the region, by the early 1990’s there were only about 150 Western Pond Turtles left in Washington State.  Their decline was fueled by habitat degradation and loss, as well as predation by introduced Bullfrogs and other species. In 1993 they were listed as a State Endangered Species. When the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) contacted PAWS to see if we could provide care to a sick Western Pond Turtle, we were happy to lend a hand.


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As transformations go, this one was significant. I had first seen her in August. At that time she was a 17-pound, emaciated pup that was succumbing to lung parasite-induced pneumonia. Now, just 13 weeks later, there was fifty more pounds of Harbor Seal looking out at me from the transport carrier than had arrived at PAWS Wildlife Center. As the boat we were in rocked gently on the waves, she pressed against the door to sniff the salt air.


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Traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday can mean overwhelming crowds, long lines, and less-than-spectacular savings on stuff you don't really need.


But not at PAWS!

This Black Friday, we're waiving adoption fees for all black and mostly black adult cats and dogs! And in case your Friday is so full of shopping you just can't make it in, we're extending the special all weekend long: November 23 - 25.

Did you know that black dogs and cats are often the last to get adopted from shelters? These dark beauties make wonderful companions, but they are often overlooked because of the color of their furry coats.

If welcoming a new furry family member into your home is part of your holiday plans, be sure to stop by PAWS this Black Friday weekend to take advantage of waived adoption fees! You'll be giving a deserving animal a loving home, and giving your overstretched wallet a break.

Celebrate Black Friday with waived adoption fees!



We all know that the holidays are a time for giving. But in addition to the brightly-wrapped gifts, figgy puddings and fruit cakes you'll be handing out, why not give the ultimate gift this holiday season? The gift of a loving home to an animal in need.

Home for the Holidays 2012 Adoption Special

This winter, PAWS is spreading the holiday cheer to you and sheltered dogs and cats with our Home for the Holidays Adoption Special with discounted adoption fees!

November 17 – December 30, adoption fees for adult dogs and cats one year and older will be reduced to $75, and a fee of only $50 for senior animals who are seven years and older.

There's nothing like this cold, drizzly winter weather to make you want to curl up under a warm blanket next to the fireplace. Why not share that feeling with a new four-legged friend?

Give yourself and a lucky animal (or two) the gift of a forever home and spend the holidays with a new family member that you actually get to pick!

Bring home the gift of love from PAWS!




There's a traffic jam at PAWS this month, but it's not in the parking lot. Our shelter is filled bumper-to-bumper (and top to bottom) with kittens and puppies! Kitten and puppy season is generally understood to take place in the spring and summer months, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer.

Puppies and Kittens at PAWSBut not this year.

"The amount of kittens, and puppies too, continues to be extraordinary for this time of year" says Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services at PAWS.

“We routinely have 8-10 kittens on the surgery schedule every day, and sometimes up to 15. We’re responding as best we can to make sure these vulnerable animals are taken care of.”

If you've been considering adding a puppy or kitten to your family, now would be a great time to do it!  Please visit our Adoptions page for more information, or to fill out an adoption form online.

We have kittens available for adoption at our Cat City location, and puppies available at our Lynnwood shelter—stop by either of these locations for a visit! 

Adopt a kitten or puppy from PAWS!




All across the country, animal shelters and rescue organizations are feeling a little extra love thanks to HSUS's National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week. While we don't get to take a day off work like we do with other holidays, this is a great opportunity to help homeless cats and dogs by celebrating the organizations that care for them!

National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation WeekThis week, November 4–10, take a few moments to support your local animal shelter or rescue organization. It's quick, simple, and easy to do! You can join the HSUS Facebook Event, or follow a few of the tips provided below:

  • Say "thanks!" Take a moment to thank your local shelter for the work they do. If you've adopted a pet from them, send an updated picture through the mail, by email, or by posting on Facebook to let them know how well your pet is doing!
  • Donate old linens. Towels, sheets, and blankets can be used as comfy bedding for cats and dogs.
  • Make wishes come true. Shelters like PAWS often have wishlists of items they need for the animals, such as chew toys, jars of peanut butter, and other supplies. Donate an item from their list!
  • Donate your time. If you can't adopt a pet right now, become a volunteer! Whether it's walking dogs, playing with kitties, or caring for wildlife, an extra pair of hands is always needed.
  • Keep your pet safe. The best thing you can do for your local shelter is to keep your own pet safe and happy at home. Spay and neuter your pets, get them microchipped, keep your cat indoors where they will be safe, and give your dog plenty of responsible exercise (on-leash, or at a designated off-leash dog park).

Support your local animal shelter for National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week!




Owls are known for their ability to fly without making a sound. They possess soft body feathers and flight feathers with fringed edges that reduce sound by dampening turbulence as air moves over them. Staying silent while aloft allows the owls to hear their prey and at the same time prevents their approach from being detected. Sometimes these silent flights end with the startled squeak of a small rodent as the owl makes a successful capture. Unfortunately, they also sometimes end with an audible "whump" as an owl flies headfirst into a pane of glass.

Two such unfortunate owls were brought to PAWS Wildlife Center in late October. The first was a diminutive Northern Saw-whet Owl that struck the front window of a Safeway store only a mile from PAWS. PAWS' Wildlife Admissions Specialist Cindy Kirkendall retrieved the owl from a small tree in the grocery store parking lot shortly after the incident. He was still quite stunned.


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