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As I reported in the September 14 installment of the PAWS Blog, the Raccoons that grew up here at PAWS over the summer are now returning to their wild homes. I released another group on September 26 at a King County Natural Area along the Green River. Three of the Raccoons were especially adventurous, and after fording a small stream they proceeded to climb up into the branches of a large fir tree. They were extremely animated at first, touching, sniffing and exploring all that the tree had to offer. Then they noticed that humans were still standing on the other side of the stream, watching them. I took the following photo after they made this realization.



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Growing up in Indiana, and later in New Jersey, I used to take care of displaced or injured wild animals and then return them to their natural environment after they were healthy. It was always a good feeling to help them, and bittersweet to set them free. Paws is a good organization. It teaches kids valuable life lessons.

Thanks for your comment Ariel! We're pleased to hear that you've done your best to help injured and orphaned wildlife too. Thank you!

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