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Like a campaigning politician, PAWS needs your vote!  For the past year, we have been privileged to be a Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union Feel Good Checking™ partner. For every Feel Good Checking account opened, SMCU donates $20 to one of their seven non-profit community partners.  Since PAWS was elected as one of the non-profit partners in the Feel Good Checking program, we have received an incredible $3,860 from SMCU!

SMCU-checking-for-change-vote-300x300In order to remain a partner in the program, we need YOU to vote for us!  For just one week, November 1 to November 7, you will be able to vote for your favorite finalist. 

Only seven out of 21 finalists will be selected for the program—please help make PAWS one of them by voting now!

You can feel good knowing that your vote not only counts, but will help save the lives of more than 6,000 cats, dogs and wildlife in the year ahead. 

Please vote for PAWS!




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