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Like any good couple, Biggun and Goldie balance each other out. Biggun, a large, black Great Dane, is a laid-back gentle giant, while Goldie, a petite, smiling Golden Retriever, is energetic and loves to run after tennis balls. These two canines are a bonded pair as close as any married couple.

Bonded Pairs - Goldie & BiggunFinding adoptive homes for bonded pairs can be a challenge, and the length of time spent in the shelter is generally longer for bonded pairs than for single pets.

But adopting a bonded pair doesn't have to be double the work! There are many benefits to adopting a pair of animals who are already the best of friends.

"Bonded pairs provide each other with a companionship that is different from the cuddling, playtime, and love that they get from their adoptive humans" says PAWS Cat City Supervisor Steph Renaud.

Here are a few of the benefits of adopting a bonded pair:

  • They keep each other company. If you work long hours, you don't have to feel guilty about being away from your pet, or worry about your pet being lonely. They'll entertain one another!
  • No introduction period. With bonded pairs, you won’t need to go through the process of ‘introducing’ new animals to one another, which can take weeks, or even months.
  • They're already best friends. With bonded pairs, you don't run the risk of your pets disliking one another, or your resident animal acting out with the addition of a new family member.
  • Alleviate anxiety and bad behavior. Many destructive behaviors are due to boredom or separation anxiety. A built-in playmate naturally provides the stimulation and security needed to reduce the potential for bad behaviors to develop.
  • Improve your pet's life. Studies show that animals bonded to one another live longer and healthier lives!

And most importantly of all, when you adopt a bonded pair of animals you're giving two best friends a loving forever home together!

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