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Back in June, we introduced you to an orphaned Harbor Seal pup from Tokeland, WA here on the PAWS Blog. I'm happy to report that, after spending a little over eight weeks in our care, the seal is once again swimming free in the Pacific Ocean. I took him on his 160+ mile return trip on August 1, and he re-entered the wild on a small, quiet stretch of beach just a few hundred yards from where he was found. A small group of well-wishers watched the release. Among them was Dora, who had discovered the orphaned pup on the beach when he was a starving newborn.

Although he had grown into a rotund, 55-pound, independent juvenile, the seal was still a bit timid when his carrier door was opened. After sniffing in all directions, he undulated forward to test the water.



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Kevin, thanks so much for this post! The photos are great -- very encouraging and positive for those of us who remain on shore.

Awweee, this is such a cutie pie over here, such a sweet and touching story, seals are so adorable, I love them so so much! Million thanks for this post!

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