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Walking in to the Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, you might expect to see certain familiar sights—veterinarians in white coats, a clinical waiting room, vials of medicine, and maybe a nervous patient waiting to be seen. But Sunset Hill is not your ordinary vet.

Sunset Hill VetAgainst a wall of brightly colored animal photography prints and paintings sits a spacious "cat condo" with a purring two-year-old cat named Tessa inside. Thanks to a partnership between PAWS and Sunset Hill, the vet clinic serves as an off-site cat adoption facility where kitties like Tessa can enjoy a break from the shelter and be seen by potential adopters.

Since 2010, Sunset Hill has found loving homes for all twelve of the cats and kittens they have hosted, including four bonded pairs and several senior cats.

“Having this partnership with Sunset Hill has been so good for the animals,” says PAWS Cat City Supervisor Steph Renaud.

"The staff spend a lot of time with the kitties, and they work hard to make sure the cats are happy and being seen by possible adopters."

In addition to finding homes for the animals, Sunset Hill helps PAWS in other meaningful ways. Last summer, they arranged for three pet food companies to match any cat food donations their clients brought in. The result was a donation of more than 900 pounds of cat and kitten food for the felines at PAWS!

Sunset Hill is a full service veterinary clinic and rehabilitation center providing vaccinations, surgeries, and everything in between. They even offer hydrotherapy! PAWS would like to thank Dr. Alycia Lamb and her wonderful staff for their support and commitment to finding loving, forever homes for each and every cat they host from PAWS.

Visit the cats at Sunset Hill today!



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