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Scrambling, tumbling and jumping over one another, nearly a dozen adorable kittens wrestle playfully in the designated "kitten room" at PAWS Cat City.  And there are more on the way.

Kitten-071112"We are literally overflowing with kittens!" says Steph Renaud, PAWS Cat City Supervisor.  "We have 15 little ones today, and we are expecting at least 18 more tomorrow."

Kitten season is arguably the cutest time of year, but it puts a significant strain on animal shelters across the country who are overwhelmed with an influx of kittens needing homes.

“We have a high number of kittens needing permanent homes this time of year,” says Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services at PAWS.  “We’re responding as best we can to make sure these vulnerable animals are taken care of.” 

If you have been considering adding a cat or kitten to your family, now would be a great time to do it!  Please visit our Adoptions page for more information about the animals available for adoption at PAWS, or to fill out an adoption form online.  We have kittens available for adoption at both Cat City and our Lynnwood shelter, so stop by either of these locations for a visit!

Find the perfect pet at PAWS today!



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Some cute kitten photos on this site would really help.

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