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Meet Kamila.

After a visit to PAWS five years ago, Kamila was inspired to help the adoptable animals in the shelter. She was moved to tears when she thought of the many pets waiting for forever homes, and decided that instead of receiving birthday gifts for herself, she would collect supplies for PAWS.

Kamila and KodaThe amazing thing is, she didn't do this just once, but has asked for donations instead of presents for five years in a row. It’s become a birthday tradition for her!

In addition to donating a multitude of supplies and funds to PAWS over the past five years, Kamila also convinced her parents to adopt one of the dogs at the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter.

Koda, a two-year old Blue Heeler and Husky mix, now has a loving, forever home with Kamila and her family.

Thank you, Kamila for your kind and generous spirit. You are truly a caring role model to all!





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My daughter is incredibly similar to this! Kamila is an inspiration though, I wish more adults were like this, never mind children! I've been working with a donkey charity for a couple of years now, and my daughter has become very interested. She's been helping out at some of the events we've been having to raise money. There's nothing like the feeling of pride when your child has the moral compass to take part in something like that.

Koda looks awesome by the way, I love huskies! Thank you for this article though, it's made my day.

Thanks for your comment, Emma. We are so happy to hear that your daughter is a champion for animals at such a young age! Please pass on our thanks and congratulations to her for all her hard work.


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