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Does this mischievous face remind you of anyone?  Say, a classroom full of second graders?  The students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary recognized one of their own in this young, energetic and fun-loving orange tabby, so they wrote him an adoption profile to help him find his forever home!  King Julian likes dogs and kids, so he would make the perfect addition to any family.  Read the students' profile below, and then come meet King Julian at PAWS Cat City in Seattle!

King-JulianThis little king is waiting to rule your kingdom! Are you ready for this furry feline to be in your castle? Just look into King Julian’s sparkling EMERALD eyes! At the moment, King Julian is at PAWS, but in his imagination he is ruling the castle!

King Julian is a big responsibility, can you take care of this royal highness? Do you have a big castle for him? He will make a royal purr when you pet him! King Julian is a FAIR ruler; he is kind to both dogs AND kids! 

Do you have a dog but you want this kitty, too? That will be just fine! He is a purrrfect gentleman.  When he is at your home, he’ll expect some royal pampering. He might win a handsome contest! Most kings like diamonds and royal feasts but all this one wants is A FOREVER HOME!




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