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Being familiar with the famous "Jack and Jill" Mother Goose nursery rhyme, the second grade students at Spruce Elementary wanted to make sure that these two adorable beagles of the same name had a happier ending to their story. So the students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class wrote Jack and Jill, a pair of seven-year-old beagles, a brand new adoption profile to help them find the perfect forever home.  We love kids helping animals!


Jack-and-Jill Jack and Jill want a home together! They are just like ROMEO and JULIET: they will never be apart!  These glamorous canines are like two peas in a pod! Jack and Jill are a family and should never be separated. Jack is generous and Jill is cute. How can you resist? 

Each is special, and when they are together they are best friends forever! These two rare gems want to live in the one treasure house with YOU! This pair of love bugs will delight in your affection.

They can’t wait to go for walks with you! They are sure to be the centerpiece of your neighborhood! What do you get when you have cuteness and kindness combined? DOUBLE BEAGLES!

Jack and Jill did NOT go up the hill or break a crown. They stayed at PAWS, safe and sound. They are the sweetest beagles in town! 



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I love the names, it's so cute! Did they find a home?

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