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… pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.


If this is true, Penny Harvest students will have a lifetime of luck. And so will PAWS, the recipient of six Penny Harvest grants totaling $2,433!

Penny-Harvest-2012-Adams-ElementaryThroughout the year, schools across the country collect tons of pennies. Literally, tons. One by one pennies are brought into the schools by each student. While the collection continues, each student body decides what issues in the community concern them the most and elect students to serve as their Penny Harvest Roundtable.

The Roundtable then researches organizations within their community that are working to address such issues. The students call, invite and interview representatives to determine which organizations they most want to support. Issues concerning the students range from homelessness to the environment to animals.

Thank you to all our Penny Harvest supporters who not only picked up pennies, but passed them on. You have all made a big difference to the lives of animals here at PAWS.

A great big thank you to:

  • Adams Elementary
  • Eckstein Middle School
  • John Rogers Elementary
  • Montlake Elementary
  • Schmitz Park Elementary 
  • Viewlands Elementary



Are you on the search for the perfect pet, but unsure how to find the right fit for your family?  Finding the perfect cat or dog has become a lot easier — and a lot more accurate — thanks to the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program, a system designed to identify compatible matches between animals and adopters.

Mia-and-AdopterPAWS is one of the many shelters across the country that has adopted the Meet Your Match® program, which evaluates an animal’s behavior and personality, and then matches them with a prospective adopter’s preferences to ensure it is a good fit.  The Meet Your Match program helped us match Mia (pictured right), an independent senior cat, with the perfect guardian.

How does it work?  It’s pretty simple, actually.  When an animal first arrives at the shelter, PAWS staff use Meet Your Match guidelines to assign the cat or dog a “feline-ality” or “canine-ality” — a description of their personality based on factors such as energy level, playfulness and motivation.  The animals are assigned a color — green, orange or purple — and one of three sub-categories in each color category.

For example, Green represents the active, go-getter types such as adventurous cats and active dogs.  Orange is for go-with-the-flow pets, and animals who fall into the Purple category tend to be more quiet, easy-going and laid-back.

Meet-Your-Match-Feline-alityAdopters also fill out a survey designed to gauge what kind of pet might be best suited for their lifestyle, and they are assigned a color based on their survey score.  Adopters can then match their color with the assigned color of any cat or dog in the shelter to find what feline-ality or canine-ality suits them best.

“It’s a great system, because it helps us meet the adopter’s expectations as well as find the perfect home for the animal,” says Alex Banibashar, a PAWS intern who performs the Meet Your Match behavior assessments.  “It really does help us find the perfect match.”

The Meet Your Match system helps PAWS engage the prospective guardian and make them feel part of the process, and it can even make the adoption process more fun!  “People like finding out what their color is, and looking at all the animals who they could be ‘matched’ with” says Banibashar.  

Most importantly, the program ensures that adopters know exactly what to expect when they bring home their new cat or dog, creating a seamless and stress-free transition into “happily ever after.”


If you want to meet a match of your own, stop by for our Adopt-A-Cat Month Adoption Special with waived adoption fees on all adult cats!



It’s not unusual for a Red-breasted Nuthatch to be upside down. It’s in their nature. As they creep along foraging in the trees, they look just as comfortable on the topside of a branch as they do on the underside; gravity just doesn’t seem to take the same notice of them that it does the rest of us. Unlike gravity, domestic cats do take notice of nuthatches, and when a fledgling nuthatch crossed paths with a free-roaming housecat on May 19, his whole world was turned upside down.


The young nuthatch was rescued from a yard in Seattle, and when he arrived at the center he was in rough shape. The skin on his right wing was punctured and the bone beneath was broken. Still, the resilient little bird kept up his steady, nasally-sounding call and frequently opened his mouth to beg for food. He retained this perky attitude throughout his four-week stay at the PAWS Wildlife Center, and he made a full recovery thanks to excellent treatment and supportive care provided by PAWS staff, interns and volunteers.


On May 16, the young nuthatch was released back to the wild. Now an independent sub-adult, he is ready to face the challenges of the world on his own. You can help ensure that he has one less challenge by keeping your cats safely contained and encouraging others to do the same. In the future, we hope that the nuthatch’s world is only turned upside down because he is searching for food, not because he has been attacked by a cat.

More information on keeping your cat safely, and happily, contained can be found on the PAWS website.


Being familiar with the famous "Jack and Jill" Mother Goose nursery rhyme, the second grade students at Spruce Elementary wanted to make sure that these two adorable beagles of the same name had a happier ending to their story. So the students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class wrote Jack and Jill, a pair of seven-year-old beagles, a brand new adoption profile to help them find the perfect forever home.  We love kids helping animals!


Jack-and-Jill Jack and Jill want a home together! They are just like ROMEO and JULIET: they will never be apart!  These glamorous canines are like two peas in a pod! Jack and Jill are a family and should never be separated. Jack is generous and Jill is cute. How can you resist? 

Each is special, and when they are together they are best friends forever! These two rare gems want to live in the one treasure house with YOU! This pair of love bugs will delight in your affection.

They can’t wait to go for walks with you! They are sure to be the centerpiece of your neighborhood! What do you get when you have cuteness and kindness combined? DOUBLE BEAGLES!

Jack and Jill did NOT go up the hill or break a crown. They stayed at PAWS, safe and sound. They are the sweetest beagles in town! 


It's rare for a seal to move any appreciable distance overland, but a seal pup currently in care at the PAWS Wildlife Center had to travel more than 160 miles on dry land to arrive at our door. Not that he did it alone. He was driven to us by a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist who rescued the young seal from a beach in Tokeland, WA. The pup had been on the beach for four days, and there was no indication that his mother was caring for him. By the time he arrived at PAWS on May 25, he was very dehydrated and well on his way to starvation.

Harbor Seal 120898, tube feeding 053012 KM-16

In care, the little seal has thrived. After his condition was stabilized and he was rehydrated, we started him on a rich milk replacer formula. He adapted well, both with the diet and the tube-feedings that were required to deliver it. Within just a few days of admission, the seal had gained weight and become feisty and very vocal.

Harbor Seal 120898, tube feeding 053012 KM-20

The seal pup now resides in one of our large, filtered outdoor pools. He has graduated from milk replacer to whole fish, and he is getting bigger every day. If all goes well, he should be ready to make the overland trek back to his ocean home by mid-to-late summer.


The final tally is in, and we're thrilled to report that the Whole Foods Market Community 5% Day on Tuesday, June 5 was a HUGE success!  All six of the Seattle Metro Whole Foods Markets participated in this great event, with every store donating 5% of their total sales on June 5 to PAWS.

Whole-Foods-Market-Community-5-Percent-DayIn total, Whole Foods Market raised nearly $30,000 to help save injured, orphaned and abandoned dogs, cats and wildlife!

Additionally, each store held a pet food drive for PAWS which brought in 733 pounds of dry food, 1,627 cans of dog and cat food, as well as some toys and treats. Incredible!

We would like to thank the following stores for their participation and generosity:

  • Interbay Whole Foods Market
  • Roosevelt Square Whole Foods Market
  • Westlake Whole Foods Market
  • Bellevue Whole Foods Market
  • Redmond Whole Foods Market
  • Lynnwood Whole Foods Market

Thank you to each and every Whole Foods Market employee for their enthusiasm and hard work, and a huge thank you to all the shoppers who made a special trip to Whole Foods Market on June 5 for the Whole Foods Market Community 5% Day to benefit PAWS.

Your shopping helped save animals' lives. Thank you! 


PAWSwalk 2012

PAWSwalk is coming!


Registration for PAWSwalk 2012 is now open!  And we're excited to announce that this year PAWSwalk is moving to a new home! Come with your friends, family and co-workers (and of course your favorite canines) to Marymoor Park in Redmond on Saturday, September 8, 2012 for a fun-packed 5k walk to benefit the animals at PAWS.

You’ll have a great time in Marymoor Park while helping to save animals' lives. Each dollar we raise at PAWSwalk helps give injured, orphaned and homeless animals a second chance. Whether it's an orphaned American Black Bear cub who needs a safe place to grow up, or a stray cat looking to find a loving forever home, every dollar raised at PAWSwalk will go directly to help animals in need.

Register now for PAWSwalk 2012!



It might seem that way at this time of year. You walk out of your house. You hear the familiar loud "caws" of agitated crows. Before you know, it you find yourself ducking feathered attackers and feeling like you are caught in a scene straight out of a Hitchcock movie.


Being dive-bombed by crows is a much more up-close and personal interaction than most of us ever experience with wildlife. If you don't understand the reason for their agitation, it might seem like the crows are intentionally singling you out; like they are acting on some very personal grudge they hold against you. In reality though, no matter how afraid you may feel when being swooped down upon by the crows, the birds are even more terrified of you. They are terrified because their young are nearby, and they believe that you might be capable of making a meal out of their babies.


We receive dozens of phone calls at this time of year from people who are having stressful interactions with crows and their families. And it is stressful being mobbed, especially if you don't understand why it is happening. There are two important things to keep in mind to put this situation in perspective: First, the crows are only trying to move you a safe distance away from their babies.  Second, the crows won't hurt you. Sure, they can make themselves seem very fierce, but this game is about intimidation, not physical harm.

If you want to avoid those unnerving low passes that the crows make when they are most agitated, you'll want to give their young a wide berth. Of course, you'll need to first identify the young crows so you know which ones to avoid. Take a look at the photos below. The top image shows an adult crow that lives here on the PAWS campus. The bottom photo is one of that crow's fledgling young.


Note that the adult has dark-brown eyes and a completely black beak. The fledgling has blue eyes and a beak with pink "gape flanges" at the corners of his mouth. If you keep your distance from the blue-eyed crows with the pink gape flanges, the adults will keep their distance from you. The closer you get to the youngsters, the bolder and more agitated the adult crows will become. So even if you don't see the fledglings, you will know they are there by the behavior of the adults. 

If you would like to learn more about crows, as well as how to avoid conflicts with them, check out our online crow fact sheet. You can also give us a call at 425.412.4040. We're always happy to help answer any wildlife-related questions you may have.



Does this mischievous face remind you of anyone?  Say, a classroom full of second graders?  The students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary recognized one of their own in this young, energetic and fun-loving orange tabby, so they wrote him an adoption profile to help him find his forever home!  King Julian likes dogs and kids, so he would make the perfect addition to any family.  Read the students' profile below, and then come meet King Julian at PAWS Cat City in Seattle!

King-JulianThis little king is waiting to rule your kingdom! Are you ready for this furry feline to be in your castle? Just look into King Julian’s sparkling EMERALD eyes! At the moment, King Julian is at PAWS, but in his imagination he is ruling the castle!

King Julian is a big responsibility, can you take care of this royal highness? Do you have a big castle for him? He will make a royal purr when you pet him! King Julian is a FAIR ruler; he is kind to both dogs AND kids! 

Do you have a dog but you want this kitty, too? That will be just fine! He is a purrrfect gentleman.  When he is at your home, he’ll expect some royal pampering. He might win a handsome contest! Most kings like diamonds and royal feasts but all this one wants is A FOREVER HOME!