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What was it about these roly-poly Dachshunds that caught the attention of the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class?  The fact that they are best buddies!  The students know that sometimes it can be difficult to find homes for a bonded pair of animals, so they wrote this adoption profile to help them find the perfect forever family together.

And it worked!  The perfect family came along and fell in love with these two sweet pups.  Thanks to the creativity of the Spruce Elementary students, Badger and Little Bit now have a forever home and family of their own. Read the profile that helped them get adopted below!


Badger_LittleBitBadger and Little Bit are best friends. They want to stay together forever in a FOREVER HOME!

Badger is spectacularly stealth and Little Bit is just A LITTLE BIT TOO CUTE! These two are like TWO PEAS IN A POD!  This duo will benefit from some regular exercise and playtime.

Badger loves snuggling little stuffed animals. Little Bit can be a little bit shy but guess who helps her feel brave? Her bestie, Badger!

They are compassionate critters and we think they hold the key to YOUR HEART!  Do you have a big enough heart to love this paw-fect pair?



Q. Whose name starts with a “B”? 
Answer: Badger

Q. Whose name starts with “L”?
Answer: Little Bit

Q. Who is going to fall in love with them both?
Answer: YOU!!!



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