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The first one was a ploy to warm her husband to the idea of adopting. The second and third were to replace the void left when she had to give back the first.  For PAWS foster parent Brooke Freeburg, each one of the many animals she has fostered holds a special place in her heart.

Foster Cat Chronicles - Boone and Johnny KylerFor Freeburg and her husband, opening their heart and home to provide temporary care for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies is a benefit that far outweighs the cost. Caring for these helpless animals until they are ready for adoption, says Freeburg, is the ultimate reward.

"It's so easy, and we get so much out of it" she says.  "There is nothing like coming home from work and having a cat crawl up onto your lap for a snuggle."

In fact, Freeburg enjoys fostering so much that she started her own blog—The Foster Cat Chronicles—to document the joys of caring for these purring companions, like kittens Boone and Johnny Kyler (pictured above).

Foster Cat Chronicles - SaffronWhen it comes time to say goodbye, Freeburg says that she is comforted knowing that PAWS staff take great care to find the perfect home for each and every animal she fosters.

"They try to find the perfect match so that both human and animals are happy" she says.  "I really like PAWS, and that is why I foster."

PAWS relies on foster parents like Freeburg to help prepare the animals for adoption into loving forever homes.  In turn, foster parents are able to experience the joy of seeing a young, feeble infant grow into a healthy adult, or a sick animal nursed to health. 

Says Freeburg, "The joy and excitement that I feel when I see that one of them was adopted makes everything worth it." 


PAWS is always looking for more foster homes, especially throughout the busy spring and summer seasons.  If you are interested in becoming a foster care volunteer, visit our website or call 425.787.2500 x822 to get started. 

Save a life by joining the PAWS Foster Care Program!


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