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Giants are usually pretty scary, but the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary certainly aren't afraid of our gentle giant Louie!  These creative and compassionate students recognized that all Louie wants is a loving home and family of his own.  Plus, just like the students, Louie loves playtime with his friends!

The students came up with a handful of wonderful things about Louie that would make him the perfect companion—including his impeccable manners and how he's learning new tricks with clicker training at PAWS. Read his new adoption profile below, and take a look at this adorable video of Louie shaking hands with a PAWS staff member!




He’s an eight-year-old gentleman.

Louie had a “ruff” start but he still has the courage to be your best friend.  If you are willing to respect him, you might be the right person for Louie! 

If you like Huskies – he’s your DAWG! Are you a responsible and compassionate citizen? Louie is responsible and respectful too.  It would be the perfect match!

Louie is just a loving, happy dog who wants to make his human companion happy as well.

Will you be that person?





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