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11 posts from April 2012

The loading area behind a Seattle grocery store is not exactly an ideal habitat for a Red-necked Grebe. In fact, it's downright awful, but that is exactly where one such grebe found himself on April 14.

Grebes, loons and many other species that winter in Puget Sound and along the outer coast are currently on the move. They are flying inland, toward the freshwater lakes and rivers on which they will breed. But this is not a non-stop flight. The birds rest and feed on bodies of water they encounter en route. Unfortunately, sometimes what they perceive from the air as a safe stopover point turns out to be anything but.


From the air, the shiny surface of wet pavement looks a lot like the surface of a lake.  Some birds only find out that it is not what it appears to be when they try to land on it.  Since loons and grebes require a running start on the water's surface to get airborne, they are effectively stranded once they hit the pavement.  They also often suffer injuries during the unexpectedly hard landing.  Fortunately, the grebe that was found in the grocery store loading area did not suffer any serious injuries when he landed.  He was very feisty upon arrival at PAWS.


Although the bird had no injuries, he did soil his feathers as he was struggling around on the ground.  For a bird that spends all of its time in the water, dirty feathers pose a real challenge.  Dirt, grit and oils compromise the water repellency of feathers, allowing the bird to become waterlogged and possibly hypothermic.  The Red-necked Grebe required a quick wash while he was in our care to restore his feathers to pristine condition.

After regaining his waterproofing and dining on an all-he-could eat fish buffet for a few days, the grebe was released on April 19.  Hopefully, he will complete the rest of his migration without incident.

GiveBIG for the animals!

GiveBIG to PAWS on Wednesday, May 2 and your gift will get even bigger!

For the second year, The Seattle Foundation is hosting GiveBIG, a community-wide day of online charitable giving. Last year, The Seattle Foundation helped raise more than four million dollars for local non-profits, including PAWS, when we received $5,835 in donations directly from this one-day event. These generous gifts helped care for hundreds of animals at PAWS last summer.  

Donate to PAWS through The Seattle Foundation website on Wednesday May 2, and your gift will get even bigger!  For every donation made to PAWS through GiveBIG on May 2, a portion of a donation pool provided by The Seattle Foundation and other sponsors will be donated to PAWS.

GiveBIG2012GiveBIG Facts:

  • GiveBIG is ONE DAY ONLY – Wednesday, May 2.
  • You can donate to PAWS from midnight to midnight on May 2 through the The Seattle Foundation website. Using their website is the only way for your GiveBIG donation to be counted toward the campaign.
  • Donate with your credit card or debit card only. Donor Advised Funds through The Seattle Foundation are not eligible for GiveBIG.

If you have any questions about GiveBIG, please contact Tana Feichtinger at tfeichtinger@paws.org or 425.412.4024.

Thank you for your BIG, generous support of PAWS!


It's spring break, so what sort of activities do you think the second grade students at Spruce Elementary are up to?  Writing adoption profiles for the animals at PAWS!  Teacher Jennie Warmouth and students Brian, Chi Chi and Jessica took time out of their busy spring break schedules to create this adorable profile for PAWS kitty Cinnamon in hopes that someone would read it and want to take her home.

And it worked!  The students perfectly captured Cinnamon's sweet nature—sugar, spice and everything nice.  As a result, Cinnamon was adopted and has gone to her forever home!  Read the profile that helped Cinnamon get adopted below.


CinnamonThere’s only one thing sweeter than a SWEET-HEART and that’s CINNAMON!  She is the most beautiful brown-orange and gray little kitty who just wants to curl up in your lap like a cinnamon roll!

All she wants are gentle pets along her smooth furry coat. You can count on her to purr and purr all day in your cozy lap.

Cinnamon is only three years old! Her green eyes sparkle like the purest sugar!  She’s playful, well mannered and ready to give you all of her heart.



I cannot stress strongly enough the service you will be doing for wildlife by picking up derelict fishing line and gear whenever and wherever you encounter it.  A little over a month ago, a seal released by PAWS lost her life when she became entangled in fishing line and tackle offshore in Edmonds, WA, and here at the wildlife center we see a steady stream of patients suffering from ingested hooks or line-entanglement injuries.  The most recent of these patients was a male Lesser Scaup.

The scaup had been found sitting on a beach with a fishing hook stuck in his bill and line tangled around his body.  The line had caused abrasions on the leading edge of both wings, and the bird was thin, weak and dehydrated from struggling to free himself.  He also had very dirty and disheveled feathers from his ordeal.  After receiving several days of care at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on San Juan Island, the scaup was transferred to PAWS for additional care.


It took about two weeks for the Lesser Scaup to regain his strength and completely restore his waterproofing.  He was reluctant to eat while in captivity, so his meals were delivered mostly via a gavage tube.  His wounds healed well and he began to dive, swim and generally behave as a wild scaup should.  He was returned to the wild on April 17.  He accepted his second chance eagerly, and we hope that he will not have a repeat encounter with derelict fishing gear in the future.  I hope that you will do your part to make that possible.    


Maya Starbuck flashes a giant smile as she throws her card high in the air.  "I am glad I was able to donate and put my bidder number to work" she grins.  Last Saturday night, she and fellow guests at the annual PAWS Wild Night Gala enjoyed an evening of cocktails, delicious food and bidding on incredible packages in our auction while raising a record-breaking $400,000 for PAWS!

PAWS Wild Night Gala 2012The evening was emceed by KING 5 anchor Mark Wright who kept our guests engaged and entertained, while auctioneer Laura Michalek kept the crowd buzzing with energy and helped deliver the highest donation numbers in PAWS Wild Night history.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who came out in support of the animals; your dedication, passion and generosity made this year's PAWS Wild Night a tremendous success.  We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsors!  Your support allows us to continue working to save animals' lives, and ensure a better tomorrow for the animals in our community. 

If you missed the event, you can still make your tax deductible donation online. We are very excited to announce to you that next year’s PAWS Wild Night will again be at the Fremont Studios on Saturday, April 6, 2013!

Thank you for supporting PAWS Wild Night!



When Bald Eagles compete for nesting territory, it can be serious business. Most altercations resolve after a brief exchange of posturing and threatening vocalizations, possibly followed by a short, aerial pursuit. Every once in a while though, the birds involved take things a little bit further. Such was the case with two eagles found on the ground in Tulalip, WA on April 11.

When they were found, the eagles were gripping one another strongly in their talons. The Tulalip Fish and Wildlife Agents who responded to the scene had to pry the two birds apart. Both had suffered injuries, but one eagle had definitely gotten the worst of the encounter. She is pictured below, her head feathers still stained pink with blood from several puncture wounds on her head. She is also having difficulty using her left foot, although it does not appear that any bones are broken.


The second bird fared better in the fight, suffering only a few minor cuts and abrasions.  She is already being housed in an outdoor enclosure, and may have a fairly short stay in our care.  She can be seen in the photo below.


So far, both eagles are doing well in our care.  If all continues to go well, they should be headed back to the wild soon, but we will definitely not be releasing them together!


We are less than a week away from PAWS Wild Night 2012, Seattle's largest (and wildest) gala benefit for animals and we couldn't be more excited!  Guests will enjoy an evening of drinking, dancing and fun — not to mention a live and silent auction with incredible packages and items to bid on, plus a delicious vegan/vegetarian dinner catered by Wild Ginger!

PAWS Wild Night 2012And of course we would not be able to put on such an incredible event without the support of our generous sponsors.  It is with great appreciation that we thank and acknowledge our PAWS Wild Night 2012 sponsors at the Defender ($5,000), Protector ($2,500) and Guardian ($1,000) levels:

Defender Sponsors:  Roscoe's Ranch, NorthWest Auto Salon, BlackRock

Protector Sponsors:  Lane Powell PC, Fremont Studios, Kelly Printing & Graphics, Whole Foods Market, B. Sparks Photography, SGFS (Schlemlein Goetz Fick & Scruggs, P.L.L.C.)

Guardian Sponsors:  bash & bloom, Advisory Services and Investments, The Alford Group, Clark Nuber P.S., Lake Union Veterinary Clinic, Seattle Weekly, Wild Ginger, Bergevin Lane Vineyards, Harlequin Wine Cellars, PetHub, Seattle Bash, Maxwell Hotel

Your generous support allows us to continue working to save animals' lives, and ensure a better tomorrow for the animals in our community. 

Thank you for supporting PAWS Wild Night 2012!


Spring is progressing quickly on the PAWS Campus.  As one young hummingbird adjusts to life away from the nest, others are on the verge of breaking free from their eggs.  Meanwhile, a number of other bird species are preparing nests to house their own eggs and young.  Click below to get the full story in the latest edition of the PAWS Campus Update.


Download Campus Update 040712 CS


Giants are usually pretty scary, but the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary certainly aren't afraid of our gentle giant Louie!  These creative and compassionate students recognized that all Louie wants is a loving home and family of his own.  Plus, just like the students, Louie loves playtime with his friends!

The students came up with a handful of wonderful things about Louie that would make him the perfect companion—including his impeccable manners and how he's learning new tricks with clicker training at PAWS. Read his new adoption profile below, and take a look at this adorable video of Louie shaking hands with a PAWS staff member!




He’s an eight-year-old gentleman.

Louie had a “ruff” start but he still has the courage to be your best friend.  If you are willing to respect him, you might be the right person for Louie! 

If you like Huskies – he’s your DAWG! Are you a responsible and compassionate citizen? Louie is responsible and respectful too.  It would be the perfect match!

Louie is just a loving, happy dog who wants to make his human companion happy as well.

Will you be that person?





Springtime is almost here, and that means baby season at PAWS.  So we're throwing ourselves a Baby Shower!  We need a wide variety of supplies to care for the thousands of kittens, puppies and baby wildlife who come to us each year.  In fact, two-thirds of the animals we care for every year are babies and juveniles.  Every item you donate from our wish list saves precious financial resources and equally precious lives.  You can help us care for these baby animals by sending a gift this spring.

You can make a quick and easy donation to our "Baby Shower" by purchasing an item from our Amazon wish list!