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We have already featured this gentle giant in our blog before, but now he is getting the full support of the second grade students in Miss Jennie Warmouth's class at Spruce Elementary!  They have given his adoption profile a complete makeover, and we're certain that this creative write-up will help Eddie find his forever home.

Eddie is a big love who gets around really well despite having three legs. The students came up with a handful of wonderful things that come in three's, and Eddie is one of them! Read his new adoption profile below, then come to PAWS for a visit!



Do you love triangles? How about three wishes? What about three scoops of ice cream? (chocolate + vanilla + strawberry!) Or three golden eggs? If you love the number three, then Eddie is the one for you!

Over at PAWS, the volunteers lovingly call Eddie a tripod.  And in Room 15 we call him a TRY-ING-pod. Why? Because he just keeps on trying! He is a HERO! He shows the world that life can still be great! Eddie has three legs but he can still run like the wind. No challenge is too great for ED-TASTIC! Would you like a cuddling adventure dog? Then Eddie is your boy. He’s an amazing wonder. He LOVES to play and is always looking for an adventure. Eddie is an exercising athlete! Eddie is HANDSOME, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

He is just a goofy little leprechaun who has a heart of gold. Do you have a heart of gold? Because he might have the golden key to your heart!





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